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Gain a competitive advantage by developing an internship program

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Gain a competitive advantage by developing an internship program

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Interns with the right supervision can pump life and productivity into your organization. A thoughtfully constructed internship program will prove to bring tremendous value to both the business and the intern alike.

Here are the major benefits of hiring interns fresh out of college:

Interns are excellent learners

Interns fresh from the academic realm tend to be fast learners and are well accustomed to consuming and absorbing massive amounts of information and data. They are primed and ready to learn everything they can about your operation. Students have spent years learning the business world conceptually and are ripe to align those learned concepts with their new corporate reality. They also bring with them a different and fresh perspective which may add value to the company in ways never before considered.

Interns are ready to hustle 

Calculate, harness, and apply energy from interns. They come to the job with enthusiasm and motivation to perform well and justify their place in the industry. They are excited for the opportunity to participate in any project, even mundane ones if they know they are providing support and are appreciated. Take advantage of their drive and motivation to excel by turning projects over to them and making more efficient use of your time.

Additionally, their enthusiasm and excitement to learn, experience, and contribute often has a positive impact on the attitudes of the collogues around them. And those colleagues feel empowered and validated when they help teach an intern their job functions. Employees are happy to have their workload lightened and interns are happy to be made useful.

Give interns ample opportunity to prove themselves and they very likely will not let you down.

Interns are tech-savvy

Today’s interns grew up in the age of technology. They know their way around every device, platform, and interface. And if they are unfamiliar with any certain technology, they may become overnight experts. The speed and proficiency with which today’s interns navigate the online space is a huge advantage to the growth and success of any business. These interns excel at monitoring and engaging with online communities, so they can easily advocate for or defend your brand. Furthermore, in addition to being able team players, these interns are exceptionally good at mobile teamwork giving them the agility to aid anyone at your local office or on an international team.

Internships ease the hiring process

Interns give a company the opportunity to work with, but not commit to a potential employee. An internship may function as a test run for both the employee and the employer to see if they make a good fit. If the intern proves to be an excellent asset to the company, they can easily be hired into a permanent position. If they’re not a good fit, the company can easily let them go after their internship.

Interns have tremendous potential to add value to your organization. Consider driving productivity in your workforce with a thoughtfully structured and implemented internship program.


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