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Can workplace mobility give you a competitive edge?

Do companies with more user-friendly technology systems see more positive business outcomes? Does allowing your employees access to internal systems while on the go help create a sharper upswing of revenue growth?

That raises an important discussion of why more companies should integrate mobile technology into their workplace. Workplace mobility can enhance user productivity, speed business processes and decision-making, accelerate sales, improve customer engagement, and grow without the growing pains.

89 percent of employees use their personal mobile devices for work and 67 percent of employers say their company would lose competitive ground without the use of those mobile devices during the workday.

Here are 5 reasons workplace mobility can help you beat your competitors:

Ability to take productivity on the road

In a research study conducted by Sage and IDG Research Services, we found that companies with more usable data increased productivity by 10%. Being able to access data wherever and whenever not only strengthens your employee engagement rate but allows your employees to be more productive while on the go.

Benefit from timely insights and reporting

When your employees and external customers can update critical data in real-time, whenever or wherever from their smartphones, tablets or laptops the quality and usability of your company’s data increases dramatically. Having access quotes, orders, invoices, timesheet data, project management updates while on the go makes it easier for data to flow in a timelier fashion, gives you instant insight and reporting capabilities.

Sell more products to more customers

Our IDG research study also found a direct and significant correlation between mobile technology and increased sales activities: Companies with mobile access to data saw an increase in new products sales by 5 percent and successful companies are four times more likely to process orders remotely.

Improve communication and collaboration

Mobile devices keep you in touch, productive, efficient, and more valuable to your clients and colleagues. From a quick acknowledgment email that allows a vital workflow to continue to the creation and presentation of quotes and orders, to the ability to access product pricing, availability data and share reporting and analytical data, mobility enhances communication and collaboration and leads to improved customer engagement.

Grow faster!

It simply makes sense. Research shows that companies with mobile-ready platforms are more responsive to customers, able to move information more quickly and reduce operating costs by getting more done in less time. All factors that contribute to growth. In fact, companies with more effective data grew 35% faster than their counterparts.