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Empower your team with automation and solve business challenges faster at STAC 2023

This article will also discuss the many ways automation can help streamline your HR process

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Are you and your team feeling squeezed to do more with fewer resources while the demand for exceptional customer experience increases?  

A lack of investment in business-critical areas like finance or HR can significantly increase the pressure on your employees. Asking people to take on additional workloads can add to existing strains and risks a talent drain in a fast-shifting labor market.  

So where, and how, can you adopt automation to solve your critical business challenges, drive organizational growth, and ease the strain on your people?  

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This article will also discuss the many ways automation can help streamline your HR process. 

The growing importance of automation 

In April 2022, the survey reported that 79% of business and IT leaders said automating processes had gained importance in their organizations.  

Current economic uncertainty, market volatility, and recession fears are driving many business leaders to hold off on investing in areas like human resources—but this has a cost.  

Automation can have a positive effect on your HR process, especially when you and your team need extra support. 

Solving critical business challenges 

Adopting automation tools is one of the fastest ways to improve productivity and efficiency across every department. 

By automating the time-consuming tasks across your human resources, finance, and IT functions, you can focus on resolving critical business challenges around efficiencies, costs, and results.  

This strengthens your position in the face of recession fears and market volatility. 

Driving organizational growth 

Automated business systems and processes allow you to scale your operations up or down accurately and quickly, without hiring more people and needing to cover more salaries. 

With this agility, you can grow your business, meet increased demands, and even expand into new markets without increasing your risk, compromising quality, or putting a strain on your workforce. 

Easing the strain on your people 

The first step in automating any business processes is to identify those functions that demand people’s time and where efficiencies can be made, like accounts payable, payroll, and inventory management. 

By introducing automation across these areas, you can: 

  • Offset employee time spent on menial and labor-intensive tasks 
  • Reduce heavy workloads 
  • Improve employee work-life balance 
  • Combat employee burnout 

Freeing people to focus on the more interesting aspects of their role also increases their engagement, which has a valuable side effect. Recent research by Salesforce found that when people felt happier and more engaged at work, their productivity increased: 

“As employees automate tasks like daily workflow and data reporting, they are reporting increased productivity. In fact, 74% of automation users say using automation tools helps them get their work done faster.” 

With the manual and time-consuming aspects of their role taken care of by automation, your employees will have more time and energy to learn new skills and take on new and more challenging projects—developing their capabilities and increasing their value. 

Greater accuracy, fewer costly mistakes 

The benefits of automation extend beyond helping your people to feel more engaged and more productive at work. Automating time-consuming and repetitive systems and processes like accounts payable and receivable can reduce and even eradicate costly and stressful errors—a critical priority for many leaders. 

“Automation reduces the repetitive and monotonous tasks humans have to do by relegating those tasks to software, which usually means a better experience for customers, reduced error rates, improved compliance, and lower stress for teams.” 

How Automation Drives Business Growth and Efficiency, HBR 

Improved customer experience 

Extending the capabilities of automation to your sales, service, and marketing departments also means you can create better experiences for your customers. 

With automation, employees can spend more time building and strengthening the relationships they have with their customers, understanding the challenges they face, building brand loyalty, and finding more sales opportunities. 

The benefits of automation 

Adopting automation can solve some of the biggest challenges your business faces today, from increasing efficiency and productivity to reducing errors and employee workloads. In addition, it gives you more time to focus on building a robust and sustainable foundation for organizational growth. 

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