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G2 validated users rank Sage Intacct #1 in customer satisfaction in winter 2022 grid reports

The new year is a great time to ring in the results of the Winter 2022 G2 Grid Reports. And this quarter, we are pleased to announce that Sage Intacct once again earned recognition as the leader in customer satisfaction for the 8th straight year, taking 1st place in 5 Grids or Categories.

G2 recognition means a lot to us because it reveals the true sentiment of our customers. We get excited when we hear from customers on G2 about their experiences and successes using our products. What exactly is G2? It is the largest customer review site for business software, and G2 wins tell us we are going in the right direction, meeting our customers’ needs. We are thankful for our amazing customers who trust and support us. We know they have a choice, and we must earn their loyalty every day.

Ian Howells, VP, Head of Marketing at Sage Intacct says, “Our goal is to help our customers thrive. G2 gives validated customers a voice to be open about their experiences with the product, services, and support. Our mission has always been to be the leader in customer satisfaction. Financial software is always at the heart of every organization, helping CFOs close the books and predict the future in the office or at home in the times we live in.”

In the latest Winter 2022 Grid Reports, customers rank Sage Intacct #1 overall in market presence and customer satisfaction in these 5 categories: 

  • Nonprofit Accounting 
  • Revenue Management 
  • Mid-Market Subscription Billing 
  • Mid-Market AP Automation 
  • Small-Business Nonprofit Accounting 
G2 Nonprofit Accounting

In the Nonprofit Accounting category, customers position Sage Intacct #1 in the overall Grid once again, where they have consistently ranked us quarter after quarter. Customers also rate Sage Intacct #1 in customer satisfaction, surpassing all competitors. And we are pleased 94% of our nonprofit users say our product is going in the right direction and 89% would likely recommend us to a friend. Plus, Sage Intacct earned awards for Leader, Best Usability, and Best Relationship, which reflects the satisfaction shared by our verified reviewers.

G2 Revenue Management

Customers also rate Sage Intacct #1 in customer satisfaction in the Revenue Management category with the highest score of 92 amongst all competitors. Thanks to our users, we topped the G2 Grid ranking #1, earning us awards for Leader, Momentum, and Best Relationship. 

G2 Mid Market Accounting

Our users rank Sage Intacct a leader in the Mid-Market Accounting category for another consecutive quarter. For this Grid, G2 evaluated the performance of 44 accounting systems. Customers rate Sage Intacct #1 in customer satisfaction over all true competitors with 92% of reviewers saying our product is going in the right direction. G2 results also show we move at speed with the shortest implementation time over all true competitors, allowing our users to achieve results up to 117% faster. 

In this latest quarter, our passion for customer satisfaction is apparent with wins on the Relationship Index for Nonprofit Accounting and Revenue Management. The index is based on how easy it is to do business with Sage Intacct, our quality of support, and how likely customers are to recommend us. We are delighted to hear we are building strong relationships with our customers and keeping them happy. 

Our focus to continually improve products for our users remains evident as we topped the Usability Index in the Nonprofit Accounting category. The criteria for this ranking are determined by ease of use, ease of admin, and the ability to meet customer requirements. 

Of course, those aren’t the only areas where our customers think we excelled. Sage Intacct received an additional 34 awards, including 24 for leadership. These Leader awards reaffirm our customers’ belief in us as a trailblazer in financial management: 

  • Mid-Market Accounting  
  • Mid-Market ERP Systems  
  • Mid-Market Project-Based ERP 
  • Mid-Market Subscription Management  
  • Mid-Market Subscription Billing 
  • Mid-Market AP Automation  
  • Accounting  
  • Nonprofit Accounting  
  • ERP Systems  
  • Project-Based ERP   
  • Revenue Management  
  • Subscription Revenue Management  
  • Subscription Billing  
  • Subscription Management  
  • AP Automation  
  • Small Business Accounting  
  • Small Business Nonprofit Accounting  
  • Small Business Subscription Billing  
  • Small Business AP Automation  
  • Enterprise Accounting  
  • Enterprise ERP Systems  
  • Enterprise AP Automation  
  • Asia Accounting 
  • Asia Pacific Accounting  

We are honored to receive 3 Momentum Leader awards for strong employee, review, social, and web growth and year-over-year change in these categories: 

  • Accounting 
  • ERP Systems 
  • Revenue Management 

Sage Intacct was also thankful to earn additional awards in several categories. These reflect our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs and providing a great experience from setup to customer support: 

  • Best Usability Nonprofit Accounting 
  • Best Relationship Revenue Management 
  • Best Relationship Nonprofit Accounting 
  • High Performer Asia Pacific ERP Systems 
  • High Performer Small-Business Subscription Management 
  • Highest User Adoption Small-Business Subscription Billing 
  • Users Love Us 

The results of the latest G2 Grid Reports demonstrate our dedication to transform the way people think and work so their organizations can thrive. So much so, that Sage Intacct has remained a consistent G2 leader in customer satisfaction since 2015

We love hearing about what our customers are saying about us: 

I’m obsessed! “This is the most adaptable accounting software I have ever used! Over my 25 years of accounting experience, I’ve used a variety of software. All had something that wasn’t quite right. But I love Sage Intacct! It by far supersedes all others!!” –Tina B (full review)

 Easier than ever. “What I like the best is the simplicity at its finest 😀 You can do whatever you want with just simple clicks: record invoices, match transactions, run reports, P&L analysis…this is the best platform you need to manage your company.” –Faten S (full review)

Sage Intacct is an incredibly comprehensive system.  “It allows you to focus with an unrivaled depth into any single aspect of your financials. Regardless of the size of the aspect, the ability to report on it is extensive. I personally love the Financial Report Writer. You can create reports which are tailored to exactly how you need them to be…” –Hamza N (full review)

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