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Healthcare AI Innovator Scales with Upgrade to Sage Intacct

Discover how Sage Intacct is helping to scale the Healthcare AI innovator

In working with a wide variety of customers, I always find it especially gratifying to partner with companies that make a truly meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and their families.

One such company is, a digital pathology innovator that is transforming both the diagnosis and treatment of cancer through a web-based platform that unlocks the power of generative AI to improve health outcomes.

Founded in 2017, the New York City-based firm is growing quickly on a global basis. More than 1,000 institutions in 45 countries have used over 4 million digitized tissue slides for cancer pathology via the platform.

In 2021, became the first and only company to receive FDA marketing authorization for AI in pathology. Just recently, and Microsoft announced a groundbreaking partnership to build the world’s largest image-based AI models “that will enable unprecedented insights into the pathology of cancer,” as a Microsoft official put it.

A Financial Management Strategy for Long-Term Success

Everyone wants and other healthcare innovators to succeed. While its core focus is science, also needs a scalable financial management platform that can deliver efficiency, insights, and controls.

Those are foundational elements needed to attract additional investors, execute a potential IPO, and support sustainable growth and long-term success that changes lives through better diagnostics and treatment.

At Sage Intacct, we’re delighted to be chosen as’s solution of choice once the company determined it needed to upgrade from QuickBooks.

QuickBooks was suitable in the company’s startup phase, but VP of Finance David Andreasson knew an upgrade was needed as engaged with sizable customers and gained commercial traction.

“The system we were on previously was fine early on, but as we ramped up I felt it was important to get good infrastructure in place before we had problems we’d need to fix,” as Andreasson tells me in a video interview. “It became time to implement a more robust system that would be able to deliver better quality information to help arm our decision makers with financial information.”

Why Sage Intacct? selected Sage Intacct after in-depth evaluations and bakeoffs among leading financial management platforms, including Oracle NetSuite. An intuitive user interface and swift implementation time were key considerations.

“I felt that Sage Intacct’s UI was the most intuitive and easy to navigate straight off the bat,” Andreasson says. “The second aspect was the time to implement and to really see the ROI from a new system.”

Andreasson was acutely aware of “war stories” on implementations that turned into months-long ordeals.

“I had no appetite for going through a protracted eight, nine, or 12-month process,” he says. “I felt that the Sage Intacct team and the partners they used were really going to wrap their arms around the implementation and make sure that it was as seamless as possible.”

Those expectations are being met as approaches its go-live date.

“We’re halfway through our projected timeline, and we’re right on time if not ahead of it,” Andreasson says. “I’m delighted to confirm that all of the promises made in the sales process have been met so far.”

Going forward, will be able to take advantage of Sage Intacct’s open and straightforward API to integrate with best-of-breed applications such as Salesforce,, and Expensify. They’ll have a seamless tech stack with Sage Intacct as the central system of record, a recipe for success among many of our customers.

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My team and I look forward to following as it scales up on the Sage Intacct platform, and even more importantly, as it continues advancing its pioneering use of AI to bring about life-changing outcomes in the healthcare space.

Click here to view my brief video with Andreasson, and if you’d like to learn more about what makes Sage Intacct the platform of choice for companies like, visit us at