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Insights from a top CFO: Navigate the world of financial technology

Watch our interview with CFO of Cambio Communities, Sarah Janowicz, on how to successfully implement new technologies as a CFO.

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According to recent research from Boston Consulting Group, 70% of digital transformations fall short, often with troubling and profound consequences, such as financial loss, a negative impact on customers, and decreased productivity. 

This is despite 80% of companies planning to accelerate digital transformation. Overwhelming evidence shows that successful digital transformation drives performance and competitive advantage. 

If you struggle to implement new technology and manage finances in a fast-paced, ever-changing landscape, it’s time to take control and unlock your full potential. 

To help you on your journey, this new video from Cambio Communities CFO Sarah Janowicz provides practical tips and strategies for successful technology implementations and expert advice on building a successful career in finance.

What will you learn from Sarah? 

By watching this video, you’ll discover secrets to successful technology implementation, learn how to stay ahead of the curve as a CFO, and gain valuable advice on building a successful career in finance. 

Sage Intacct customer Cambio Communities is a leading housing operator that offers affordable manufactured homes in various locations across the US, including Michigan and North Carolina.  

Cambio Communities wants to make a difference in the running of manufactured housing communities and the treatment of residents—giving them a “clean, affordable place to call home.” 

Sarah has many years of experience in finance, previously working for companies like Champion Home Builders, Auria and IAC Group.  

It gives her a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of implementing new technology and managing finances for a growing business. 

Watch this video to improve your business performance and stay ahead of the competition!