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The importance of building a relationship-based business, Q/A with Alina Nikishina, CPA [Podcast]


The importance of building a relationship-based business, Q/A with Alina Nikishina, CPA [Podcast]

Developing a mastery network

Alina Nikishina is the CFO and VP of Firm Management with Insperience Business Services. She has been in the CPA profession for about eight years and is passionate about the future of accounting and technology. She joined the team over three years ago after spending five years with Deloitte Tax working with high net worth individuals, private companies, and international structures.

Alina loves to help small business owners succeed. Her focus is primarily on serving small businesses and helping them with monthly bookkeeping, accounting, tax planning preparation. Currently, her work is general business advice, but her future is set on the consultant space. 

Why is a relationship-based business important?

Alina Nikishina: We’ve been paying close attention to the technology developments in the public accounting industry, and we know that relationship-based business is more important than ever before. This is why we’re partnering with a U.K. company called Real Leadership Coaching to start a brand called the Mastery Network. As part of this Mastery Network, we’re going to launch a new program called Firm Mastery in the U.S.

Firm Mastery is a flexible online educational program for all small business owners in all industries. I think it’ll help answer a lot of the commonly-asked questions that we get asked today, by our clients.

For example, for the Firm Mastery for small businesses, we will cover topics such as reading financial statements and utilizing fringe benefits, employee management, and managing your business through its different life stages. We will cover everything from start to finish, including exit strategies.

Another goal of this program is to help other firms in the accounting industries make the transition into the consulting arena because we feel that this is going to be the future of this profession.

What led you down this path?

Alina Nikishina: We’re seeing this trend that clients need help with business success and managing their goals. That’s what we’re seeing a demand for now, instead of just having clients saying, “Please prepare my tax return, and do my financial statements.” They really need help understanding the different aspects of running a business. They need a business partner. We want to bring a solution to that.

What about the firms that just want the tax return?

Alina Nikishina: Well, we’d like to serve every client. So yes, there will, of course, be a place for all different types of demand. But we really want to make this push for this type of education. Because we want everybody to develop. We want everybody to grow. That’s our business culture and our business goal.


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