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Becoming a results-oriented workplace [Podcast]

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Stan Kania is the CEO of Summit Hosting, and before that, he ran an ERP software company called Software Link for over 21 years. He sold Software Link in 2016 to specifically focus on running his hosting business. I recently had the opportunity to interview Stan for the Sage Advice podcast to discuss results-oriented work environments.

You can listen here or read an edited version of the interview below.

Tell us about Summit Hosting

When I had Software Link, 21 years ago, we wanted to focus in on the hosting because we saw a need out there for small to mid-size businesses.

There was no more need for servers, no more need for IT guys coming out and charging $200 an hour to work on your business.

We decided about 10 years ago to get into the hosting business primarily in the ERP space. Currently, in our environment, we have almost 20,000 users between Canada and the United States. It’s a great money saver for businesses to host their applications versus having a dedicated server and deal with all the IT infrastructure these days. So that’s how we got into it and why we love what we do.

What do you love most about what you do?

What we do is we’re able to save people money and in addition to that is the technology that is out there today is phenomenal. With Solid State Drives (SSD) and the new technology speed, I’m watching technology change every day and it’s just exciting to see it change. Technology is now smaller, more reliable, it’s just amazing.

You mentioned that you have a results-oriented work environment. Can you explain what results-oriented working means for your organization?

Results-oriented is a model that is about the end results.

  • It’s not about somebody coming in working nine to five.
  • Our employees don’t have PTO time, it’s unlimited.
  • They can take as much PTO they want … we don’t track it, we don’t care. It’s phenomenal.
  • They’re actually working harder and more by doing that than they are if they have to take their three weeks of PTO.

That’s just one aspect of how our company is different from so many others.

We’re going hardcore into this results-oriented workplace. It’s about the end results, customer satisfaction, making money and keeping employees happy.

If I can achieve all of those things then I’ve reached a pretty good goal.

You can listen to the full podcast interview here.