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Sage Inspire Twitter Chat: How to participate and why it’s a great way to network

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Looking for tips to help you start, manage, or grow your small business? Our live monthly #SageInspire Twitter chats lets you connect with small business and accounting professionals to discuss the latest news and trends.

Our chats generally take place on a Wednesday (typically the third Wednesday each month) at 1 PM ET.  The hourlong event features six questions around a particular theme. We invite a panel of experts to help moderate the discussion and everyone is welcomed to participate.

Upcoming Twitter chats

  • August 18: On-prem, hybrid, cloud – What does it all mean?
  • September 22: Supply chains and the upcoming holiday season

Why Twitter chats are a great way to network

At the start of the year we ran a poll to discover what people were most looking forward to in 2021.  Unsurprisingly, “Attending business conferences” tied with “Going into the office” for the top answer.

While it is not the same as an in-person event, Twitter has been described as a “24/7 conference.”  Think of a Twitter chat as a breakout session where you can have a focused discussion with your peers and industry idols.  It’s a great way to both start new business relationships and strengthen existing ones.

How to participate

Step 1: Login into Twitter at the set date and time of the #SageInspire chat.

Step 2: View the live discussion by following the #SageInspire hashtag. Note: You will need to refresh the #SageInspire page frequently to see the latest activity.

Step 3: Engage with the panelists and participants by “liking,” “retweeting,” or “replying” to posts.

Step 4: Join the conversation by sharing your thoughts and insights.  Remember to tag your responses with #SageInspirePro Tip: If you are responding to a Twitter chat question, start your response with “A1” for the first question, “A2” for the second question, and so on.

Past Twitter chat summaries

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Stay tuned to our Twitter chat hub or follow us on Twitter for the latest Twitter chat announcements, polls, and special guests.