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Sage’s autumn awards

We’ve got some exciting recent customer and product award updates to share! On the customer side… Sage People customer, Youth Dynamics, is a finalist in the 13th Annual Ventana Research Digital Leadership Awards for Human Capital Management. And on the product side… Sage Intacct Dynamic Allocations was named a Gold winner in the 12th Annual 2020 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards and Sage Intacct received the K2 Quality Award for Best Overall Quality from K2 Enterprises.

Ventana Research Digital Leadership Awards

Youth Dynamics was selected as a finalist in the Ventana Digital Leadership Awards for: demonstrating how Sage People changed how employees operate in their role and responsibility at Youth Dynamics, detailing ways the technology changed how information is utilized across the organization, and how Sage People and its digital leadership impacted and benefited Youth Dynamics.

Youth Dynamics is a mental health agency that expanded from a small foster care organization 40 years ago to over 30 locations today. They provide mental and behavioral health services, including child and family therapy, and therapeutic group homes for 4,000 youth spread across the U.S. state of Montana.

Will Tedrow, HR Director of Youth Dynamics, reflects on their success with Sage People, saying:

“By using this technology, our leadership sped time-to-insight for the HR data review by 75%, accelerated hiring decisions by 66%, and doubled employee survey engagement—gaining priceless visibility to fuel employee retention. In addition, the technology allowed us to quickly and effectively deliver critical communications to remote workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our leadership’s use of Sage People benefits not just full-time professional staff, but our mentors and foster parents as well, since we never before had a platform that our extended workforce got to be part of. Bringing everyone into Sage People to engage with each other and with us as a company shows that they’re a key part of the organization.

The digital solution also creates more visibility, so HR leadership no longer feels like some walled-off fortress that people don’t really have access to. When talking with one employee about Sage People and everything it can do, she had a light bulb moment where she said, ‘Oh my gosh, you guys got this because you care about retaining us as employees.’ The technology has increased the trust people have in our HR department, and in Youth Dynamics overall.”

Conducted annually, the Ventana Research Digital Leadership Awards recognize organizations and individuals that utilize technology to advance business and IT, and showcase the leadership and use of business applications or technology that contribute significantly to improved efficiency, productivity, and the performance of their organization.

The 13th Annual Digital Leadership Awards covered nine categories aligned to their expertise areas: Analytics, Data, Customer Experience, Digital Technology, Human Capital Management, Marketing, Office of Finance, Operations & Supply Chain and Sales, along with an Overall Award winner. Submissions were evaluated based on the stringent guidelines set forth by their awards program criteria.

Final winners of the 13th Annual Ventana Research Digital Leadership Awards will be announced during the week of November 16th.

2020 Golden Bridge Awards

The coveted Golden Bridge Awards program annually recognizes and honors the world’s best in organizational performance, products and services, innovations, executives and management teams, product management, and more from every major industry in the world. Sage Intacct Dynamic Allocations was recognized as a Gold winner in the Business Transaction Management Innovation category.

Dynamic Allocations represented a significant milestone in Sage Intacct’s move towards the continuous financial close. Many organizations allocate indirect costs or revenue to gain a more accurate picture of performance for their departments, products, projects, funds, or other critical dimensions of the business. For more sophisticated businesses, allocations likely involve a complex model built into a spreadsheet, multiple allocation steps, time-consuming adjustments (due to late information), and complicated reporting when users want before and after views of indirect costs and revenues.

Sage Intacct Dynamic Allocations gathers source data for the users: they point it at the accounts and dimensions for indirect costs and revenues, and each period, the data is gathered automatically for input into their allocations. Users no longer need to comb through their accounts and dimensions to get balances and enter them into a spreadsheet. They’re now 100% automated—saving organizations with complex allocations up to three days of work each month. That’s time that can be spent on activities that deliver more value for the organization, including oversight, analysis, and strategic advice.

In fact, a recent survey of more than 500 CFOs and other finance executives by Sage found there is a significant demand for real-time data and a digitalization of the finance function. CFOs are increasingly being called upon to provide strategic business counsel. In fact, 44% of respondents said that the availability of real-time data was a driving factor that has transformed the role of the finance professional.

Sage Intacct enables users to get the visibility needed to make better decisions and improve operational and financial performance. Sage Intacct’s Dynamic Allocations feature extends this by fully automating allocations inside the accounting solution, allowing finance professionals to allocate indirect costs and revenue contribution across multiple dimensions.

K2 Quality Awards

The K2 Quality Awards are in their nineteenth year and the are among the most well respected and longest standing awards in the Accounting industry. Sage Intacct was recognized with this year’s award for Best Overall Quality.

In announcing this year’s award winners, Randy Johnston, Shareholder and VP at K2 Enterprises was quite pleased with developments in the industry. “The creators of technology solutions continue to step up their game. The pace of innovation is accelerating.” according to Johnston.

Sage Intacct takes pride in focusing on delivering a quality solution to our customers. It’s one of the reasons we continually achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the accounting and financial management software industry.