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Automated allocations software

Understand your organization's performance with fully automated allocation software that works with Sage Intacct financials.

Allocated Expenses Across Department Client Services Sales Shared Services Total Expenses 0.00 0.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 10,000.00 10,000.00 0.00 20,000.00 10,250.00 9,750.00 0.00 20,000.00 Pre-Allocation Allocate by Revenue Allocate by Sq Feet Month Ending 06/31/2022 Expenses Expenses by Department

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Save 3 days a month with fully automated allocations

Easy set-up and repeatable allocations to save time.
Automatic corrections to avoid post-period adjustments.
Compare allocation methods to drive strategy.
More transparency with a rock-solid audit trail.

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Todd Hansen

Assistant Controller, Deseret Mutual Benefit Association

Dynamic Allocations has enabled us to do the valuable allocations that we have always wanted to do but didn’t have the manpower. By using automated journal entries in Dynamic Allocations, we’re saving an accountant 1-2 days of work a month and are able to provide even more valuable insights to management.

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Allocations Software FAQs

Dynamic Allocations is fully automated cash flow allocation tool inside Sage Intacct, so you can understand the true performance of your organization. Allocate indirect costs, revenue contributions, assets and liability amounts across multiple dimensions and entities to save days of time, increase accuracy, and gain insight into the impact to financials, all with a solid audit trail. Built as a modern allocation solution, you’re getting a solution with years of best practices built in, giving you an innovative, streamlined solution.
  • Basis: Sage Intacct supports statistical accounts or relative financial account balances as basis out-of-the-box.
  • Pervasive dimensionality: Sage Intacct allows you to use any standard or user defined dimensions when setting up allocations to do things such as limit the inputs and outputs of allocations.
  • Snapshot: Sage Intacct offers the ability to view snapshots of an allocations impact to quickly get a before and after view.
  • Recurring allocations: Sage Intacct allows customers to easily set up recurring allocations—and there’s no need to be reminded to book allocations because it happens automatically.
  • True-up: When creating a new allocation, Sage Intacct automatically checks for previous allocations in the same source period. If one is found, the previous allocation is automatically reversed as the first step when the new allocation is generated. The GL posting date will be the same as the new allocation creation date and will essentially ‘reset’ the allocation amount as though the prior allocation didn’t exist. Your allocations adjust as your basis accuracy over time.

Dynamic Allocations allow for increased automation and productivity:

  • Easy set-up and repeatable allocations allow for more time spent on oversight, analysis, and strategy.
  • Automatic corrections eliminate post-period adjustments.
  • Compare allocation methods to drive strategy.
  • Increase transparency with a rock-solid audit trail.

Transaction Allocations:

  • Allows line-item amounts to be broken out by dimensions at the time of a transaction is booked.
  • Can be percentage based, exact amount, fixed amounts using over or under logic.
  • Ability to import large transaction allocations.
  • Assigned at the time of booking transactions.
  • Are static splits between dimensions, not dynamic calculations.
  • Stored in accrual book.

Dynamic Allocations:

  • Allocated on account balances.
  • Entries which need to be grouped or run sequentially.
  • Run on recurring intervals.
  • Can be either statically assigned splits or dynamically calculated.
  • Stored in a user defined book and journal

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