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The seven best movie titles with an accounting twist

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The seven best movie titles with an accounting twist We love movies and yes, we love accounting. So, what better way to celebrate this year’s Oscars than by bringing the two together in our #MakeAFilmAccounting campaign. Here are our seven most punderful films. Did we miss any? Let us know!

1. The Shawshank Tax Redemption

One of the greatest films of all time gets an accounting twist. It’s… The Shawshank Tax Redemption. #MakeAFilmAccounting

— Sage USA (@SageUSAmerica) February 20, 2017

2. The Accountant of Monte Cristo

Our #MakeAFilmAccounting countdown continues with The Accountant of Monte Cristo, a tale of an accountant who was falsely imprisoned

— Sage USA (@SageUSAmerica) February 19, 2017

3. Ledgers of the Fall

Excited for the #Oscars? We are! And we’re watching the war/accountancy epic, Ledgers of the Fall.

— Sage USA (@SageUSAmerica) February 18, 2017

4. Tax Driver

“You taxin’ to me?”
Oh, you are? OK.
Well here’s today’s #MakeAFilmAccounting – it’s… Tax Driver #Oscars

— Sage USA (@SageUSAmerica) February 17, 2017

5. Raiders of the Profit and Loss Ark

It’s the accounting/archaeology classic we all know and love. It’s… Raiders of the Profit and Loss Ark. #MakeAFilmAccounting

— Sage NA (@SageNAmerica) February 16, 2017

6. Accrual Intentions

Day 2 of #MakeAFilmAccounting & it’s a story of wealth, seduction, betrayal and…cashflow? It’s… Accrual Intentions.

— Sage USA (@SageUSAmerica) February 15, 2017

7. Cashablanca

The #Oscars countdown starts now! We’re going to #MakeAFilmAccounting every day, starting with a #ValentinesDay special – Cashablanca.

— Sage USA (@SageUSAmerica) February 14, 2017