Money Matters

Small Business Survival Toolkit

Starting a new business? Our Small Business Survival Toolkit will help you get started and survive the first two years – often referred to as the ‘make or break’ period. This toolkit comprises of three free resources:

  1. Guide: Our 3-part guide is designed to help you achieve success by addressing typical challenges encountered by small businesses in the early years.
    • Part 1: Increase sales and generate cash
    • Part 2: Monitor and resolve business issues
    • Part 3: Pooling resources and getting the right support
  2. Business plan template: Use this interactive template to help you map out the purpose of your company, its strategic goals, and your framework for success. Our easy-to-follow Word template includes instructions in each section to help make the process easier.
  3. Cash flow forecast template: How much cash does your business need to survive? This easy-to-follow Excel template helps you forecast cash flow on a month-to-month basis, or for the whole year. This is vital, and you can use it along with the advice in our eBook to address any cash shortfalls.