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Streamline School Management with Sage Intacct and FACTS Connected Suite

Learn how the Sage Intacct and FACTS connected suite can help with school tuition management and payment processing.

School leaders know that disparate systems cause data silos, redundant data entry, and poor visibility—all of which negatively impact the ability to deliver valuable services to students. To run your K-12 private, faith-based, or charter school the way you want, you need the flexibility to choose school accounting software and school management software that meets your needs while integrating your data, delivering better outcomes, and enhancing stewardship.

Sage Intacct, the leader in nonprofit cloud accounting solutions, and FACTS, the leader in school management solutions, have partnered to give you the choice and flexibility you’ve been waiting for in your school’s technology stack. The Sage Intacct and FACTS Connected Suite provides K-12 private, faith-based, and charter schools the best choice for accounting, school tuition management, and payment processing.

Download the Sage Intacct and FACTS Connected Suite data sheet

This article will highlight the benefits of this new solution and how the partnership between Sage Intacct and FACTS empowers schools with increased efficiency, enhanced visibility, and automatically synched data through a seamless, turnkey solution.

Enhance financial management through digital transformation

Many nonprofit school finance leaders have struggled to overcome obstacles stemming from a lack of functionality and integration between their school accounting software and school management software. The lack of process automation and integration between disparate systems drove inefficiencies and delays. Manual, time-consuming reporting held back decision making. And a lack of real-time visibility into key metrics and performance—and the inability to measure outcome metrics—held them back from enhancing the overall effectiveness of their school.

There’s no question that school financial management can be complex. To drive better outcomes and stewardship, school finance leaders need technology choices. With the Sage Intacct and FACTS Connected Suite, you get the best school accounting software and the best school management software, enabling you to operate more efficiently, achieve greater visibility, and spend more time on mission-focused activities.

Cloud-connected suite helps you work more efficiently

A modern, native cloud-connected suite allows your school to work efficiently with streamlined and automated workflows to reduce manual processes and put you on the course toward mission success. Plus, cloud-based technology enables you to deploy immediately without upfront expenses or IT headaches and offers complete security for your data.

With Sage Intacct school accounting software, school leaders benefit from efficient fiscal management and fund accounting. A dimensional general ledger, automated compliance and internal controls, and easy-to-use reporting and dashboards help schools enhance stewardship and transparency and manage financials with effortless consolidations across multiple entities, locations, and funds.

The connected suite also helps schools elevate the education experience using FACTS school management software. FACTS Tuition Management expands payment opportunities for your families and simplifies payment tracking and management. It is a flexible tuition and billing tool to help you manage finances and project cash flow—and this data integrates seamlessly with Sage Intacct school accounting software. These systems also integrate with the FACTS Student Information System which allows you to streamline admissions and master early enrollment.

Easily manage automatic data integration so you can run your school the way you want

Your system should work the way you do. Sage Intacct and FACTS Connected Suite empowers you to designate what data you want to share. For example, synchronize tuition payment data automatically from FACTS to your general ledger to save valuable time while increasing data accuracy and eliminating duplicate data entry. Designed to meet the needs of private and faith-based schools of all sizes, the connected suite’s flexible and configurable architecture can be adapted to your tracking, electronic approvals, and workflow requirements.

Whether you administer one school or 100, your data will be synchronized and available on your schedule in Sage Intacct so you can get the insights needed to best support school outcomes now and in the future. By synching tuition and other payments with the school’s general ledger, you can generate outcome metrics in reports and dashboards that will improve your reporting and visibility.

Many schools find themselves pulling financial information out of the accounting system and manipulating it in spreadsheets or other tools to create presentable, meaningful reports. That is time wasted. Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School couldn’t prepare consolidated reports with their previous school accounting software. As a result, they spent at least six hours every month on Excel manipulation plus several hours fixing mistakes. Using Sage Intacct and FACTS, the school strengthened reporting, improved departmental visibility, and increased accountability.

“We’re able to instantly produce over 100 financial reports at any time, including consolidated reports across our operating fund, plant fund, capital campaign fund, as well as reports for each individual entity, department, project, grant, and endowment.”

~Roberta Hopkins, CFO, Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School

Streamline school operations and get more time to focus on your students

When school leaders streamline operations, more time is freed up for mission-focused activities. Reports, dashboards, and visualizations are updated in real-time, allowing you to be proactive and plan based on timely and accurate data from all aspects of school accounting. With deeper insight into your school’s finances, enrollment, and student performance, school leaders can make more informed decisions and act quickly, improving the overall effectiveness of your school.

School leaders need real-time visibility into every aspect of the organization’s finances, whether you’re interested in which funds were used, performance by location, expenses by program, or any other aspects unique to your mission. The Sage Intacct and FACTS Connected Suite delivers reports, dashboards, and visualizations in real-time to increase visibility and transparency. Plus, you’ll have the ability to measure and track school outcome metrics by synchronizing dimension values from FACTS into your Sage Intacct dashboards and reports.

Leverage data-driven financial decisions to drive student success

Are your school leaders ready to answer tough financial questions across all your nonprofit education programs? There’s no question that the financial management trek for nonprofit educational institutions can be grueling, especially without the right technology stack.

To successfully achieve your mission, it’s essential to deliver accurate, timely information about program outcomes and demonstrate the impact your school is having on its students. The Sage Intacct and FACTS partnership offers schools efficient financial management with Sage Intacct and improved education experiences with FACTS’ suite of services. This comprehensive software suite drives digital transformation with smooth data flow to streamline school operations and allow schools to focus on what matters most–educating students. To learn how your school can drive better outcomes and stewardship, download the Sage Intacct and FACTS Connected Suite data sheet.

Sage Intacct and FACTS connected suite

Find out how Sage Intacct and FACTS connected suite can help you with school tuition management and payment processing.

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