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Sage Intacct proves winning choice for Tandem Family of Companies

HR outsourcing experts gain single version of the truth and huge people-hour savings with smart financial management using Sage Intacct

In need of sophisticated multi-entity financial management

For Tandem Family Companies, using a hodgepodge of systems and 22 instances of QuickBooks to manage the finances of its five business units and 21 different entities was a huge struggle. The finance team spent 20 to 30 days a month on manual reconciliation work, and a master’s degree in Excel was required to close the books using a 56-tab spreadsheet.

We have a lot of inter-company transactions at TFC, and were struggling with proper invoicing and expensing; all the units had their finances on different systems.

Tanya Yakhnis

Graduating to Sage Intacct saves 500 person-hours each year

Since switching to Sage Intacct, the finance team can review comprehensive financial information in minutes, rather than nearly 10 days a month combining and reconciling financials in Excel. The monthly close has been reduced from 30 days to 10 days or less, and overall TFC estimates a saving of 500 people-hours a year by eliminating manual workarounds in Excel.

Sage Intacct has allowed us to gain our personal lives back and go home on time. Yes, we’re busy all year long, but we’re able to manage our time more effectively.

Tanya Yakhnis

Financial visibility powers decision-making and EBITDA growth

Sage Intacct’s easy-to-customize reports and dashboards give TFC executives an intuitive view of the business and they can easily perform extensive profitability analysis by client and line of business. This helps inform decisions about how best to service clients and grow the business. In the last two years alone, TFC has increased EBITDA by a remarkable 194%.

Sage Intacct gives us a single version of the truth, insightful and actionable, as opposed to financial data stuck in spreadsheets and different accounting packages.

Tanya Yakhnis

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