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Security for tech leaders

Elevate your cybersecurity with Sage. Understand how we secure software and its infrastructure against current cyber threats and how you can make the most of industry-leading cybersecurity knowledge and expertise.

Sage gives you peace of mind when it comes to cybersecurity

Our security team keeps your data safe and secure so you can focus on achieving your business and technology goals.

Industry-leading cybersecurity

Our dedicated security team ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data and your customers'. Sage takes this responsibility seriously and tirelessly prioritizes product security.

Shared responsibility model

Our security team is a force multiplier for your team and we have a shared mission to protect your data. We take care of securing our software, hosting infrastructure and combating cyberthreats - you look after your user accounts, 2FA and business processes.

Learn how Sage does security

Security practice

We provide transparency about our security practices so you can understand how we protect your data.


Monitoring and operations

Excellence in security operations helps ensure your data is protected.

  • 24/7 monitoring and threat detection
  • Cyber incident response and forensics
  • Vulnerability management and patching
  • Global security team

Secure development

Our products are designed and built with security at the forefront.

  • Secure-by-design philosophy
  • Rigorous secure coding practices enforced
  • Mandatory training for developers
  • Continuous security testing

Standards and compliance

Certifications, standards, and attestations show our commitment to compliance.

  • ISO27001 and SOC2 audits and compliance
  • Industry-leading data security standards
  • Third-party and supply chain assurance
  • Comprehensive data privacy controls

Cybersecurity case studies

Sage advice

Discover how we address security challenges through our detailed case studies.
Better security means better business outcomes  

Better security means better business outcomes  

Want to empower your teams when it comes to dealing with security? Discover 3 important steps you need to take.

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Choosing the right security provider or service will save you time and money 

Choosing the right security provider or service will save you time and money 

Following these 5 steps will help you as your search for the best security vendor to meet the needs of your business.

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Security FAQs

The Sage Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) reports directly to the Sage board and spearheads our global security team. This team encompasses product security, architecture, governance, risk, compliance, security engineering, 24/7 operations, awareness, education, business continuity, and incident response. Moreover, every colleague plays a pivotal role in upholding security at Sage.

At Sage, we adhere to the 'least privilege' principle. Users are granted access solely to specific data, resources, and applications necessary for their tasks, ensuring tight control over our cloud environments.

Sage products are hosted on renowned public cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). By leveraging their top-tier security features, we ensure that Sage cloud software is accessible anytime, from anywhere.

Many Sage products employ TLS (Transport Layer Security) version 1.2 or higher. TLS encrypts data transmitted over the internet, and versions 1.2 and above are recognized for their security. If you're using a cloud service, ensure they utilize this version.

Absolute security is elusive. However, Sage employs a comprehensive set of technical controls, adopting a layered, defense-in-depth strategy. This is complemented by targeted awareness programs, advanced detection systems, and tools designed to identify malware-related traffic.