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Optimise Inventory Management

Reduce excess inventory, minimise stock-outs and produce orders in no time at all.

Sage Inventory Advisor is an affordable cloud solution that helps companies reduce stock outs, excess inventory, and working capital.

It connects to Sage business system’s data to deliver inventory health-check, produce quality forecasts and suggest optimal replenishment planning.

A web based mobile solution, Sage Inventory Advisor is easy to use and reduces time spent on forecasts and ordering. Replacing manual systems and processes with automated alternatives is key to taking the first step towards inventory optimisation.


  • Reduce excess inventory by 10%-15% and improve inventory turns.
  • Reduce working capital and free up 15%-20% of cash tied up in inventory.
  • Improve fill rates by 2%-10% and eliminate occurrences of items being out of stock.
  • Reduce time spent on forecasting by as much as 50%.

Key Features

  • Reduce surplus orders and free up cash tied up in inventory.
  • Increase revenue from higher demand satisfaction.
  • Analyse sales, purchasing, and supply chain performance data.
  • Focus on products that make a difference with instant inventory classification by turnover and value.
  • Get early warning on stock-outs and surplus orders.
  • Easy to use simulation and forecasting tools.

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