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People management

Manage your entire workforce, wherever they are, from one accurate and secure system of record.

One global system

  • Get a complete view of your workforce and help your people thrive by visualising the actionable information you need to quickly make data-driven decisions
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy by eliminating duplicate data entry and reducing the room for errors by using one unified HR and People system
  • Sophisticated profiles and permissions allow managers and employees to support both themselves and their teams
  • Update and make employee and vital business information available throughout the employee journey from one online portal

Highly configurable

  • Create global policies, such as for remote working, which give local teams the flexibility to quickly respond to and meet local legal requirements as they emerge
  • Easily manage cross-functional teams and projects through roles-based and team-based access for communications, holiday calendars and more
  • Set up and easily update automatic workflows for approvals, to shorten the time to complete workforce-related changes

Adaptable processes

  • Accommodate agile HR practices and other new ways of working, with simple and reconfigurable workflows
  • Update dynamic org charts easily as people join, making it helpful to find colleagues, see reporting lines and access contact information
  • Automate the management of global policies, while allowing for local variation and evolving regulations
  • Empower HR and People leaders to adapt to changing needs, by reconfiguring processes without technical expertise

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Product brochure

Find out how to boost workforce visibility, increase HR productivity and deliver great workforce experiences, with Sage People.

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Frequently asked questions

Every successful organisation is made up of great people, and it’s the responsibility of the HR and People teams to help manage them. After all, employees are a company’s greatest asset. Managing people through their employee records and processes, from hire to retire, can be intricate and complex, especially across fast-growing scale-ups and larger organisations. Sage People is designed to provide your business with more control and flexibility over your core HR and People processes, across the entire employee journey, no matter the complexity and scale of your business.

By choosing Sage People, you get a single system of record for people management, one version of the truth, and a user experience that’s tailored to your workforce. Your business will be supported by an HR and People system that will grow with you. Change or redefine workflows and processes quickly, with no development required, so you can adapt to change faster, at a lower cost, and without disruption to the business. Seismic shifts are occurring in the way organisations operate, work and manage their people. We surveyed 500+ HR leaders to discover how they are responding. Read the report today to find out more about people management.

From contract and salary to time and skills, with Sage People, you can collate all your people information into a single, secure system of record. Collect, store and visualise all your employee information in one system. A standard, user-friendly layout means it’s easy to find information at a glance. Sage People’s people management features include:

  • Reduce maintenance: Get individual employees to manage and maintain their own HR admin tasks, including booking holidays, keeping personal data up to date and making HR requests, reducing data maintenance for you HR and People teams.
  • Automate workflows: Shorten time to complete workforce-related changes to improve efficiency and accuracy.
  • Digital file storage: Eliminate paper records and attach documents directly to employee records, e.g. ID documents.
  • Dynamic org charts: Make it easy to find colleagues, see reporting lines and access contact information across the organisation.
  • Agile groups and teams: Set up and manage groups of people that don’t usually work together in their day job. Examples include cross functional or project teams, which is useful for managing virtual teams and contingent workers (such as freelancers).
  • Reporting and dashboards: Monitor headcount across multiple locations to ensure you have the right people working in the right departments at the right times. Make improvements based on real-time reliable insights.
  • Localisation: Benefit from global features such as multilingual, multi-currency capabilities, but provide employees with the ability to conduct transactions in the local language.

Learn more about Sage People’s people management features in our datasheet.

For more information about Sage People’s people management features, read our People Management datasheet.

Eliminate repetitive manual processes and give valuable time back to your HR and People teams, so they spend less time on ‘people’ admin and more time focused on strategic people management activities. Sage People grows with your business, supporting your existing and future people processes. Here are just some of the benefits of Sage People’s people management capabilities:

  • Complete organisational view – Get instant visibility across your workforce, easily see reporting lines with dynamic charts, quickly find and contact the right people, and monitor headcount across multiple locations.
  • Real-time accurate data – Employee data is validated and kept up-to-date in real time, with any changes meaning you have reliable data at your fingertips.
  • Empower and engage employees – Encourage communication and keep employees informed with Sage People’s workforce experience portal and self-service capabilities.
  • Your unique system – Capture your unique business data by storing it in custom fields. When you create a custom field, you configure where you want it to appear and control security for access management.
  • Nurture your best assets: Employee information is available throughout the employee journey, allowing companies to nurture, protect and develop their most valuable resource – their people.

Learn all about Sage People’s cloud HR and People system by taking a product tour.

Sage People is a highly configurable, complete, modern HR and People Management system that accommodates multinational companies. Working with Forrester, Sage People created a composite organisation, called Acme, to illustrate the quantifiable benefits and costs of investing in its HR and People Management system. Based on the characteristics of several interviewed Sage People customers, and data aggregation, Acme is a global, mid-sized organisation with 1,000 employees. Acme experienced a three-year risk-adjusted saving of £1,510,823 across the employee journey activities with Sage People in place.

To learn more and to ask for pricing information relative to your business, please contact us.

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