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Everything you need to know about exporting for small businesses

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Exporting can offer great benefits to small and medium sized businesses based in the UK. It’s a market worth £508 billion to the UK economy, with 10% of the UK’s small businesses already trading abroad.

Benefits include:

  • A wider customer base, potentially leading to greater sales and profits
  • More efficient use of capacity, particularly in manufacturing businesses
  • A showcase for new and innovative products and services that can boost your reputation
  • Greater resilience and less risk from falling sales due to economic factors in individual countries or markets

We’ve compiled a list of useful resources and organisations that can help you on your export journey:

Information on export licensing

Certain goods need a license before they can be exported. This depends on the type of goods, where they are going to and what they’re going to be used for.

The following sites provide guidance on what goods are controlled and need a licence, how to apply and your responsibilities for complying with the terms of a licence.

A free guide to growing your customer base

A dependable customer base is the foundation for every successful business. Get our free guide for plenty of insights to help your businesses find new customers and improve relationships with your existing ones.

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