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Business after Brexit: What businesses need to do now

Business After Brexit is a unique, free guide for Brexit readiness in businesses. Download it now and keep your business moving post-Brexit.

Created by the expert voices at Sage, Business After Brexit is a unique free guide that helps UK business continue to trade following the end of the Brexit transition period.

Updated in February 2021 and relevant for businesses following the announcement of the UK-European Union trade deal, the guide will continue to be updated as and when new Brexit requirements are announced by the UK and EU governments.

With the UK now in a new relationship with the EU, this free guide gives businesses the confidence they need to succeed and thrive in the current landscape.

Topics covered include:

  • A timeline of Brexit events, through to 2022: Be prepared for changes yet to come.
  • Tick box checklists of requirements for Brexit: See at a glance what your business needs to do to remain compliant and ensure the flow of goods and services are impacted as little as possible – covering new customs requirements, getting VAT right, and business travel.
  • Import and export after Brexit: Learn how to operate across the new UK-EU customs borders (including to and from Northern Ireland). Discover how to use deferred declarations and simplified customs procedures to ease the admin impact, along with a duty deferment account. Learn all about EORI numbers for the UK, Northern Ireland, and EU countries.
  • What’s a customs broker or freight forwarder? Discover how these vital services make life easier for importers and exporters of any size, and what they offer for your business.
  • Brexit changes to VAT: Learn details of postponed VAT accounting and avoid cash flow issues when importing goods into the UK. Grasp the sub-£135 import rules and what they mean for you and your customers. Learn how to VAT operates when selling services to EU businesses or consumers.
  • Travelling to the EU after Brexit: Which passports are valid, and what kind of travel and health insurance is required? Do you need a visa for business travel? Learn the requirements for driving abroad, and how to use a mobile phone without running up huge bills following the end of UK-EU roaming deals.
  • Northern Ireland Protocol: Find out how businesses in Northern Ireland can trade with the EU (including Ireland), and move goods between the other countries in the UK (England, Wales and Scotland). Discover how UK businesses can move goods to Northern Ireland.
  • Data protection: Learn how to put in place measures to ensure data can flow legally between the UK and EU following the end of the Brexit transition period.

Our Business after Brexit guide will help you adjust to the outcomes of the UK-EU trade deal, so your company can prosper in this new landscape. It’s vital reading for every UK business.

Download it now.

Editor’s note: This article was first published in December 2020 and has been updated for relevance.

Business after Brexit

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