Glossary definition

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement means going beyond the basics of what employees find acceptable at work – fair practices and a neutral culture, to make a connection at a deeper level, so they understand and care about the company’s goals and know how they contribute to its success.

To achieve an engaged workforce, employers need to look at every aspect of their employees’ experience.

That goes from pay and incentives to working hours and the workplace itself, the company’s values, culture and working practices.

It can also include making it easy for employees to self-serve for development, training, information updates and HR admin such as booking holidays.

The aim is to build and retain an engaged and productive workforce, employing people who care about the business and making sure the organisation is a place they are proud and fulfilled to work in.

In a competitive talent marketplace, leading employers are focusing on employee engagement to help them attract and retain the people they need to successfully grow their businesses.