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What is HR automation?

Glossary definition

What is HR automation?

HR automation means automating processes and administrative tasks to improve efficiency and free up time for more valuable, People-focused HR activities.

Research studies show that automation measurably improves productivity and is a tool used by many high-growth companies.

From recruitment to strategic transformation, HR automation can streamline processes, cut out errors, support more responsive and accurate business decision-making and improve employee experience.

That’s why successful People Companies have been quick to embrace HR automation.

At the beginning of the employee journey, HR automation can distribute and monitor views and responses to online job ads, internally and externally.

Automated processes can acknowledge and respond to applications and ensure that candidates have provided the correct information.

Automated recruitment tools might include online application forms and video recording facilities, so HR and functional managers can screen a short candidate video.

To reduce the risk of bias, digital recruitment tools can prompt reviewers with the specific criteria for the job and enable the collation of feedback from a range of stakeholders.

After selection, HR automation helps to onboard joiners quickly, moving them through induction and familiarisation processes efficiently so they can hit the ground running.

It’s easy for HR and People teams to share relevant details of the employee’s role and plan a tailored induction that can be shared with managers and peers.

It might include mentoring, training, facilities provision and location orientation.

Employees apps and systems make it possible for employees to conduct some training and induction independently, to seek information from corporate resources and to ask questions if they need to.

Once established, employees can enjoy HR self-service with automated apps. For example, they can update their details, book holidays, check HR policy information or review their benefits through a secure mobile portal.

HR automation enhances the ability to manage and motivate strong performance.

Using continuous feedback and delivery information that’s automatically collected from peers and company performance data, managers and employees have a clear picture of how they’re doing.

It’s easier to identify skills gaps and to register and work towards professional and personal goals with a secure and comprehensive online performance record.

The benefits are not only for individual employees. HR automation brings huge advantages at an organizational level.

Through analytics, it provides excellent management reporting and insight, marshalling data to reveal accurate and accessible people information that helps improve recruitment, retention, performance and employee experience.

Within the HR department, automation of routine processing and admin increases efficiency and frees staff to focus on designing and deploying employee experience initiatives.

Analytics allow the HR and People team to act on opportunities to continually improve processes and to influence strategy and future performance with predictive modelling.