Glossary definition

What is HR technology?

HR technology helps HR and People specialists work more effectively and deliver a better employee experience.

It stores data in a complete and secure way, automates routine processes and provides analytics to create management reports and insights for better business decision-making.

Depending on the system, HR technology can support a range of HR functions. This includes pay, rewards, benefits, talent management, recruitment and onboarding, performance management and employee communications.

Today, innovative HR technology can give growing and ambitious firms a competitive edge.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools can help them predict the staff they’ll need and model the environment and working culture that will be most attractive to the target workforce.

It can help them offer and manage flexible working and give employees choice in their benefits and pay.

Cloud-based HR technology is available via mobile devices and remotely, making it easier for HR teams and workforces to communicate and share information.

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