Glossary definition

What is talent acquisition?

Talent acquisition is the process of recruiting new staff members from outside your organisation.

Basic tasks range from advertising vacancies, managing search and recruitment agencies, receiving and screening candidate applications, testing, assessing, hiring and onboarding.

In today’s competitive recruitment environment, talent acquisition has become a far more strategic and sophisticated activity.

Leading employers maintain a talent pipeline, so they always know what their current and future needs are, can predict who might leave and know who has the potential to be promoted internally.

Where there are internal gaps, recruitment professionals use tactics more usually associated with customer marketing to engage with and attract potential candidates.

This ‘people marketing’ approach may include a focus on social media, establishing and nurturing an employer brand and tailoring your compensation, benefits and working culture to suit the needs and values of the people you want to attract.

Talent acquisition software can make the entire process easier, helping you to attract, screen and recruit people faster, get them onboard smoothly, ensure candidates and recruits become advocates for your brand, and begin the process of nurturing and engaging employees right from the beginning.