Onshoring: The outsourcing revolution

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Outsourcing first appeared as a business strategy in 1989 Today, one of the most effective ways for businesses to outsource is onshoring. as a way for businesses to manage costs and increase profits.

While outsourcing can be effective, the idea of outsourcing to an offshore call centre is anathema to many in the business community. However, offshoring isn’t the only way for a business to outsource.

What is onshoring?

Today, one of the most effective ways for businesses to outsource is onshoring. Onshoring is the practice of outsourcing to a service provider in your home nation, and can provide all the benefits of outsourcing without the issues created by sending work overseas. As both companies operate within the same financial and legal systems, red tape is considerably reduced, and a shared culture and working hours make the process run smoothly. All of this has sparked a considerable rise in onshoring amongst SMEs.

Onshoring works for SMEs

In their 2016 report “The Future Of Outsourcing” Raconteur stated that “traditionally seen as the preserve of bigger businesses, smaller companies and startups have shown increased interest in outsourcing some in-house functions”. The increased interest is attributed to the fact that “outsourcing provides today’s SMEs with a breadth of skills and expertise not generally available to them in a single hire”.

It is this preference towards expanding skill sets that has prompted the growth of onshoring, as businesses want a high standard of service when they outsource, not just a high volume cost cutting tool. A prime example of this is customer service.

Onshore your customer service

In the mid 2000’s, the offshore customer service call centre typified everything people disliked about outsourcing. Today, the UK has a buoyant telephone answering industry that has grown by providing high standards of customer service while remaining cost effective. As the report in Raconteur states; “fundamentally, people want to discuss their problems with native speakers. It’s not only a language barrier, but a cultural barrier.

It’s difficult to create a cultural understanding which is important in communication”. When businesses outsource their customer service to UK telephone answering providers, they can provide the standard of service their clients crave while remaining cost effective.

An agile infrastructure for rapid growth

This principle applies across a range of disciplines from customer service, to IT, to creative skills like graphic design and copy writing. It means onshoring is an important development that grants SMEs access to the large and agile infrastructures they need, at a price they can afford, while maintaining the standards their clients insist upon.

As the number of startups and SMEs continues to grow, so too will UK onshoring, creating a flexible market of highly skilled workers for UK business to outsource to.

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