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Sage Accounting updates: Providing clarity in a time of unknowns

We’re living in a world of so many unknowns.

While having limited face-to-face interactions with your customers is still on the cards, understanding how Brexit will impact you and is likely to be a priority to your business, we’ve looked at ways we can try to make things a little easier by giving you some clarity in your Accounting.

To help, we’re doing the following:

  • simplifying your experience
  • giving you with more regular ways to engage and build on your customer relationships
  • helping you get paid faster.

Here’s what we cover in this update:

Helping your business to boss life post-Brexit

Balancing customer relationships with getting paid

Time-saving changes for your business

What’s new beyond Accounting

New Accounting partnerships to make you more efficient

Got a product improvement idea?

When it comes to working in a post-Brexit world, we’ve got you covered. We’ve made the necessary updates to Sage Accounting to deal with cross border trading including postponed accounting and the £135 scheme.

The software automatically applies the correct tax treatments, ensuring that your accounts and VAT Return are correct and helps reduce the burden of remembering which tax rate applies in which situation.

And for those of you in the construction industry, we’ll be giving you an update shortly about the domestic reverse charges and how we’ve got this covered.

In the meantime, here’s some information on what you need to know about the VAT reverse charge, which comes into force on 1 March 2021.

Maintaining a good relationship with your customers while also managing a good cash flow can be tricky.

By using Sage Accounting to add personalised messages to your customer invoices and statements, not only can you build on those relationships, you can also add your banking details, meaning it’s possible to increase your chances of getting paid faster too.

And with the statement settings now centralised you can easily update your messaging if you’ve got a particular campaign or message that you want to promote or say to your customers – this will help to drive regular engagement with them.

See this new functionality in action.

With so much on the go at one time, we’ve improved some of the ways you navigate tasks in Sage Accounting to give you precious time back in your day. These little efficiency gains include:

  • Giving you a clearer view of your accounts in half the time with the option to expand the items per page to 100 rows.
  • Being able to quickly check that your invoice is correct and reflects your brand – you can now preview and print invoices in one simple action.
  • Cutting down on unnecessary navigational steps in bank feeds – you can now easily switch between accounts and banking.

See these improvements in action.

Take your business to the next level, as you can now extend the automation of your admin processes beyond Accounting.

Efficiently manage duplicate transactions

If you’re using AutoEntry to capture and categorise your financial documents, you can now gain full control over how you manage any duplicate transactions between AutoEntry and your Sage Accounting software with the new Duplicate check with File-Match.

Further visibility into your payroll

To help you confidently manage your payroll, in Sage Payroll, we’ve introduced a new reporting area, making it easier than ever to check and reconcile your pay.

One piece of feedback we heard from a lot of our customers was: “It would be really valuable to be able to export the report data for further analysis specific to our needs.”

In response to this, you can now easily export the reporting data for further analysis and sharing.

As your business grows, your business complexities will do so too.

To streamline this, we’re always on the lookout for partnerships that connect your front office to the back office processes, so you can focus more on the things you enjoy.

Two of our latest Sage Marketplace partnerships are A2X and QuoteOnSite.

If you’ve shifted your business online during these uncertain times, or you’ve been in the ecommerce market for a while, A2X gives you the confidence you need in your ecommerce financials.

A2X posts your Shopify, Amazon, and eBay sales and fees directly into Accounting in tidy summaries that match the payments in your bank accounts.

QuoteOnSite, meanwhile, is a complete quote management solution that allows you to create, send and track detailed and professional proposals that are then automatically converted to invoices in Sage Accounting.

This will fast-track your sales process and give you an instant view of your quotes by company.

We’re committed to continuously listening, empathising and solving the Sage Accounting issues that matter most to you.

One of the ways we’re doing this is by asking you to share your requests and ideas with us on the Accounting Ideas portal (accessed from Give Feedback/ Share your Ideas in Sage Accounting) or vote on other ideas that have already been submitted.

We’ll then keep you updated on the ideas you’ve contributed to.

Final thoughts

We hope these updates and partnerships help to make life a little easier for you in these unprecedented times.

To use them, simply log in to Sage Accounting (or take a free trial if you’re not already a customer).

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