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The top 100 global business influencers for 2017

Who is currently leading the way for businesses around the world? We created a definitive ranking that highlights those individuals whose commentary and social influence help to drive ideas and change within the small business sector.

Over the past years, small businesses have continually embraced the opportunities offered by social media. And to meet the ever-present demand for news, insights and information on questions relating to business planning, marketing, growth, accounting and HR; a global community of social media commentators has emerged.

These individuals are both knowledgeable and, often, highly influential within the SME sector. Their views help to inform the decisions of thousands of business owners across the globe.

But who are they?

How did we create our Top 100 Business Influencers list?

Sage partnered with influencer marketing specialists, Onalytica, and social media agency, OST Marketing, to create the ranking.

The Top 100 list is based on three key metrics sourced from Twitter data:

  • Impressions: how many times their posts appeared in social streams.
  • Relevance: how closely the influencer is associated with an agreed list of keywords.
  • Resonance: the number of engagements the influencer’s posts receive.
  • Reach: the number of people the influencer’s posts reach.

First, we identified more than 300 individuals based who have significant reach, relevance or resonance for a range of small business related topics, including business management, HR finance and more. We then ranked these people according to Resonance (normalised engagement score), which allowed us to produce our final positions and identify the top 100 global influencers based in the UK.

Who are the top 100 influencers in the UK?

The influencers we have listed are people who write insightful blog posts, share up-to-the-minute news and drive topical debate on Twitter. They are the vocal few who drive ideas and promote change:

But why is this important to the small business owner?

The top 100 influencers provide a filter through which small business owners and managers receive industry news and insights without having to trawl the Web. The two-way nature of social media also means that, if you have a question, you can ask the experts for advice. The top influencers on our list are all actively engaged in sharing feedback and helping small businesses to succeed.

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Influence the future of business

We will be joined by many of the Sage Top 100 global influencers at an event we are hosting at in London on 1st November.

Hosted by Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage, the event will celebrate the success of UK-based business influencers and, hopefully, inspire the next generation of entrepreneurial business communicators. For more information on our event and attending, contact [email protected].