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Ten ways the cloud can improve your business


Many businesses are moving their IT to the cloud. But what is cloud computing and why has it created such a buzz? In this blog, we look at the benefits of moving your company to the cloud.

1. It can save you money

You don’t need to spend on costly hardware or in-house IT support; with the cloud all you need is an internet connection. This saves money on personnel, floor space and energy bills.

80% The amount you could save on your IT budget (Source: Microsoft)

90% Potential cost savings on energy bills for SMEs (Source: Autodesk)

2. Boost productivity

The cloud empowers the modern employee as it means they can work from their own devices.

1.5 hours The number of working hours per day field workers could gain using mobile devices (Source: Accenture)

400% The amount productivity can increase in companies investing in cloud technologies (Source:

3. Encourage collaboration

Collaboration and project management tools go hand in hand with the rise of cloud computing. Even if working remotely, the cloud brings people together, offering transparency and teamwork on projects.

64% of business execs say that initiatives are implemented faster when the business is using cloud collaboration tools (Source: Forbes Insights)

4. Better security

Contrary to popular belief, the cloud is one of the most secure data storage options thanks to the incorporation of the latest data encryption technology.

57% of companies using the cloud say it’s lead to better data security (Source: Clarium Group)

5. Increase accountability

You can manage multiple projects at one time and keep track of individual contributions.

6. Faster decision making

By having projects online and accessible to you and your workforce, decisions can be made quickly.

65% of businesses say that responding faster to business is a key driver for adopting the cloud (Source: Information Week)

7. Deliver real-time results

Moving all your systems and processes into a cloud-based solution means your business is at your fingertips. You can check finances, accounts, orders and project status in real time, in one secure place.

8. Create flexibility

Soon the 9-5 office environment will no longer be the norm; people will be able to work any time, from any location.

89% of employee mobile devices are connected to corporate networks (Source: CeBIT)

93% of businesses move to the cloud to increase productivity outside of the office (Source: Microsoft Dynamics)

9. Scale your business

You’re no longer reliant on the limits of your own hardware and it’s easier to expand your IT at the same rate as your business needs it to, with no lag or investment risk.

10. Enjoy peace of mind with automatic updates

Cloud computing suppliers do the server maintenance, including security and compliance updates, themselves – freeing up your team’s time for other tasks.

60% of businesses move to the cloud to free up IT resource to work on more strategic tasks (Source: Microsoft Dynamics)

91% of SMBs say cloud providers make it easier to satisfy compliance requirements (Source: QuoteColo)