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Top social bookmarking sites to boost your SEO and content reach

Social sharing communities or social bookmarking sites are a great tool that every business should be using in order to ensure their content reaches as many corners of the web as possible. These sites are not only a great way of boosting SEO, driving traffic back to your site and increasing PageRanks, they are also a fantastic way of widening the reach of your content.

Social sharing communities allow your website and your content to become widely accessible, which subsequently positions your business as a key industry figure. There are pages and pages of recommended bookmarking sites out there, but finding the right one for you and your business can be difficult, as well as time consuming.

As with anything, finding the right bookmarking or social sharing site is a little like finding the best social media platforms to use for your business. There are so many out there but this does not mean that you need to be using each and every one. It can take a little while to find the sites that are right for you and your business and also which ones seem to create the most engagement. However, this blog will take you through the top social sharing communities out there that you may want to start using.


BizSugar is a great social sharing tool to use to increase traffic to your website. This is because when you add a link to BizSugar, you are doing just that – adding a link back to your site. Therefore, anyone who clicks on the link will be taken to your website, rather than to a page within BizSugar. It is estimated that it will take around 15 ‘sugars’ for your article or blog to be featured on the homepage; this means that your article or blog will be exposed to those who land on the site. You are also encouraged as a user, to ‘sugar’ other posts that you have enjoyed reading and work to become an active member on the site. Another positive of using BizSugar is that users are able to share your content directly on Facebook or Twitter, great for widening your reach!



StumbleUpon is one of the most popular social sharing sites and it can really be a great way to ensure users who have an interest in your subject topic see your content. This is because, when you create your account, you will be asked to specify your areas of interest, which the site will then use to ensure the content shown is personalised. When someone ‘stumbles’ your page, your article is then placed in a lineup so anyone looking for new content will see it. However, you need to ensure your content is engaging because users can hit either like or dislike for any piece of content. You can also add the stumble badge to your website in order to allow visitors to your site to stumble any content that they find engaging, informative or interesting.


Digg is another great social sharing site that can have profound benefits with regards to sharing content. It differs slightly from the other bookmarking sites in that you do not create an account; you simply sync your Facebook or Twitter account with the site. The first and most crucial rule to note is not to Digg your own articles, get someone else to Digg them for you. As a site, it keeps track on who is uploading content and their other activity on the site. Therefore, it is important to get a colleague or friend to Digg your content whilst also being regularly active on the site too!


Oh and of course, don’t forget about your social media platforms! These are social sharing communities in their own right. Therefore, you must ensure that any content you share on bookmarking sites, you also share across your social media platforms. Remember, these are great ways of creating engagement with your audience and are a fantastic way of driving traffic to your site and becoming an established industry figure. One listicle blog can be turned into several tweets, with each tweet being one of the headings of one of the listicles. A meet the team website page could be turned into a short Vine video that could then be shared across Facebook and YouTube. With your social media platforms there is no end to the different ways your great website content can be re-packaged and used across your social media platforms. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get sharing!