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Top tips for effective time management

Are you in the 91% of individuals who aren’t ‘very satisfied’ with their time management at work?

In today’s fast-paced world, where a new email lands in your inbox every 10 seconds, the phone doesn’t stop ringing, and your day is filled with multiple meetings, effective time management can sometimes be difficult.

Good time management strategies are the backbone of successful people and business. Ineffective management doesn’t just waste time; missed deadlines, financial losses and job loss are all potential outcomes of poor time-management skills, not to mention the impact of the stress it can cause on an individual’s physical and mental health.

How to improve your time management skills

Dr Rob Yeung, organisational psychologist at leadership consulting firm Talentspace, says: “There are dozens of different ways of clawing back time. The important thing is to do something rather than feel powerless. Even small efforts may help you to feel more in control.”

Good time management isn’t that difficult, but it’s important to start by revisiting your goals and understanding how you currently spend your time. Once you’ve done this, there are several simple but effective time management techniques you can use.

Time is precious, and you’re busy, so to get you off to a great start, we’ve brought you our top ten time management tips. They’re short enough to read while you drink your morning tea, but powerful enough to help you on your way to better time management.

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