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Brexit preparedness

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Brexit is the impending withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU).

The current date for the UK’s exit from the EU is 31 October 2019. If a Withdrawal Agreement is not approved and implemented ahead of 31 October, the UK will leave the European Union without a deal. If a Withdrawal Agreement is ratified by the UK and the EU before 31 October, then the withdrawal would take place on the 1st of the following month. The UK would then move into a transition period between that 1st of the following month and at least December 2020 for companies to implement changes. If a Withdrawal Agreement hasn’t been ratified by the end of May then the UK must participate in European Parliamentary elections for the 31 October deadline to remain in effect. Sage has project teams who are focusing on preparing for implementations influenced by Brexit, which is endorsed by the Sage Board.

In addition, Sage has robust governance procedures in place to manage preparations for Brexit. These include the Sage Brexit Forum and the Sage Brexit Programme, comprised of many key stakeholders, to ensure all areas of our business and products will be ready for Brexit, irrespective of whether a Withdrawal Agreement is reached.

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Sage expert Leo Haigh discusses the ins and outs of what we know about Brexit, and what you may need to do to be prepared.
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Brexit dates you need to know

Brexit timeline
Sage YouGov Brexit Research Survey

Sage global survey: Brexit insights, awareness and benchmarks

Sage conducted a global survey with YouGov among UK & EU businesses on the topic of Brexit. Check out these highlights from our research and see how you stack up against regional peers.

Brexit news and business views

See our latest blogs on Brexit, packed with useful insights and tips to help you understand how Brexit could affect your business and how to plan for it.

5 Brexit planning tips from CFOs to help your business

5 Brexit planning tips from CFOs to help your business

Brexit planning should be an important consideration for your business. CFOs from Honda, BMW and Hays share their Brexit planning stories and advice.

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A guide to doing business in a post-Brexit future

A guide to doing business in a post-Brexit future

Is your business focusing on a post-Brexit future ? Technology and innovation will play a big role - read this guide to find out why.

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No-deal Brexit for professional services: How to prepare

No-deal Brexit for professional services : How to prepare

What does a no-deal Brexit mean for professional services firms ? Read this for advice to help your business as you prepare for Brexit.

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How will Brexit affect businesses? 12 things you need to know

How will Brexit affect businesses ? 12 things you need to know

How will Brexit affect businesses ? Read this article for 12 answers to questions your company may have as the UK prepares to leave the European Union.

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EORI number: How to apply and trade with the EU after Brexit

EORI number : How to apply and trade with the EU after Brexit

Businesses and sole traders may need an EORI number after Brexit. Find out how to get one and get practical advice on importing and exporting post-Brexit.

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Brexit VAT implications: Withdrawal agreement vs no-deal outcomes

Brexit VAT implications : Withdrawal agreement vs no-deal outcomes

Brexit VAT : How businesses manage and pay VAT is likely to change post-Brexit. Here's what your company needs to know about it.

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Brexit impact on business: Four challenges to tackle

Brexit impact on business : Four challenges to tackle

Read this to understand the Brexit impact on business, the challenges business owners face and how to prepare for when the UK leaves the EU.

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A guide on preparing for Brexit in case of a no deal

A guide on preparing for Brexit in case of a no deal

Need help with no-deal Brexit planning ? Preparing for Brexit is a white paper that will help your business get preparations moving.

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