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The changing face of HR

HR teams are taking on more admin than ever - but they believe automation, analytics, and AI can free up time to focus on strategy. Read our latest report to understand what makes HR teams feel unstoppable.

HR leaders are feeling change more than ever

We polled over 1,000 HR leaders, who told us they love working in HR but continue to face the challenges of managing hybrid workforces and people planning in times of uncertainty.
95% statistics graphic

Doing more to keep up with the pace

95% of HR leaders have taken on more responsibilities in their role in the last year.
91% statistics graphic

Not enough hours in the day

91% of HR leaders say workloads and working hours have increased over the last year.
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How the role of HR is changing with AI

77% say AI has the ability to revolutionise ways of working in their company.

HR's temperature check: HR professionals feel burnt out…

According to our research, HR leaders found the last year more challenging than the previous year - and as a result, they feel more stressed and burnt out.

…but still love what they do

"To avoid burnout, HR leaders need to develop capabilities in different skills, and operate with agility and fluidity across an organisation.”

Julie Hodges
Author of Reshaping HR: The Role of HR in Organizational Change

HR teams using automation are getting ahead

HR leaders are embracing technology as an opportunity to improve their processes and deliver more value to their organisations.

Successful HR leaders use analytics to be more strategic

Successful HR teams collect data, analyse it, and act on it. They are becoming more prolific in their data collection—something the c-suite have been asking of HR for a while.

  • HR and People leaders collect metrics like headcount, cost per hire, and employee productivity rates.
  • More HR teams are aligning people metrics to business strategies and profitability.
  • HR tools like Sage HR and Sage People create reports and provide insights to help make impactful decisions backed by accurate data.

The Changing Face of HR Research report

Discover all the data and how the role of analytics in HR is changing, what’s keeping HR professionals up at night, and how AI is shaping the future of HR. 

The future of HR


Sage polled over 1,000 HR Leaders who told us that the state of change never stops, how they’re getting ahead with tech like AI, and how they feel about the future of HR.

78 % “I wish my work prioritized strategy and people over admin and processes.”

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Get started with an HR solution that fits your business

Take care of all your HR and People needs with one of our HR solutions. Nurture talent, encourage collaboration, and engage your workforce with Sage. 

IDEAL FOR 1-250 Employees

Sage HR

For small to medium-sized businesses that want a modular HR system that will simplify processes across the end-to-end employment journey.
IDEAL FOR 200+ Employees

Sage People

For medium-sized businesses that want to manage global or multi-locational teams from a single, scalable cloud system.
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