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5D BIM: The next big thing for construction

The McKinsey Institute, a global management consulting firm, lists 5D BIM as one of the “five big ideas” that can help the construction industry transform itself over the next five years.

One can easily see how the fifth dimension of BIM—which adds cost to the building information modeling (BIM) process—can make a big impact. With 5D BIM, estimators are better positioned to offer real-time feedback and cost-saving strategies as designs and project plans progress.

5D BIM is not without its challenges. Today’s models, for example, typically don’t have all the information needed for estimating. But new technology advances are addressing those concerns and making it more realistic for estimators to take advantage of the visualization, faster takeoff, and collaboration benefits models can provide.

Strides are also being made to create industry standards that will further push 5D BIM into mainstream use. The BIMForum, for example, is helping to specify and communicate the content and reliability of building information models at various stages in the design and construction process. The specification allows model authors to define models for specific information exchange, milestones in a design work plan, and deliverables for specific functions. Quantity takeoff is one of those functions.

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