A practical approach to 5D BIM

A practical approach to 5D BIM

A practical approach to 5D BIM

Gain a new perspective on projects

Visualize and better understand the ins and outs of construction project plans. Speed up accurate quantity takeoff.Collaborate with the building team for more predictable, lower costs. That’s the beauty of 5D BIM with Sage. See how we have partnered with Autodesk and eTakeoff to deliver a best-in-class 5D BIM solution for production-level estimates.

Faster takeoff from models
Just drag and drop objects from the model to the correct assembly of items in the Sage Estimating database. Then review, modify if needed, and send the information to your estimate.
Building information modeling (BIM) and estimating your way
Authors of models aren’t estimators. That can cause a lot of work for you during takeoff to reorganize objects into your estimating structure. With our solution, objects are connected to your Sage estimating database, so everything fits with your estimating standards.
Reliable audit trail
Need to verify the source of an item or assembly in your estimate ? You can easily drill down to see the exact location on the model.

Estimate projects with confidence

Design changes simplified
If a design changes—and it always does—no sweat. You can quickly compare changes to the model with the most recent takeoff. Updating your estimate has never been so easy.
Building a bridge between BIM and estimating
Today’s contractors are looking for better ways to collaboratively work with owners and other project stakeholders to find the most cost-effective way to complete complex projects. 5D BIM, made more realistic with new technology, sets the stage for reaching that goal.
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Solve the problem of incomplete models
Most models won’t have all the information you need for your estimate. Supplement missing model information with 2D content—without the hassle.

Bridging the gap : 2D + 3D + Sage Estimating = 5D BIM

Why waste time learning multiple takeoff tools that only work with models ? eTakeoff Bridge for Sage Estimating is designed for full-time estimators, whether they work with 2D digital drawings, 3D models, or a combination of both.


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How Sage can help with all your estimating needs

Sage offers a full suite of estimating software, including takeoff tools, cost databases, and more.


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