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Get fast, accurate estimates with Sage Estimating

Create more accurate cost estimates in less time while increasing your bid-to-win ratio.

Improve your estimating productivity

See how Sage Estimating and eTakeoff help you avoid takeoff errors and speed up the estimating process. 

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Take Sage Estimating for a spin

Get in the driver's seat with this step-by-step guided tour of Sage Estimating. You’ll experience the ease of use of this powerful and flexible solution first-hand.
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See what Sage Estimating can do for you

See how you'll bid faster and more cost-effectively with the Sage Estimating construction cost estimator. It's easy. Simply answer a series of questions about your current processes and the estimator will project the time and money you'll save per bid, job and year.

Discover 5 things you need to consider while evaluating Sage Estimating

Read the Sage Construction and Real Estate software selection guide to find useful tips for researching software, as well as information on Sage Estimating pricing, services provided by Sage resellers, along with training and support available to Sage customers.

Accelerate your estimating process with eTakeoff Dimension

Sage Construction and Real Estate’s “Best in Class” digital takeoff tool significantly reduces takeoff time, while enabling estimators to pull 2D and 3D details with a single tool.


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