Glossary definition

What are mobile timesheets?

Mobile timesheets are increasingly popular as they bring immediacy and ease to time tracking for companies that need to track time and costs across activities on multiple projects.

Project-based business and professional services companies who use mobile timesheets provide their employees a modern method of tracking time on timesheets. Rather than trying to remember, compile and enter the timesheet data at the end of the week, while back on the laptop or in the office, mobile timesheets enable users to enter and review their timesheet data on the go via the time-tracking app, or a browser, on their favorite mobile device.

Mobile timesheets provide timely and more accurate insights to thwart revenue leakage and better manage billable time in services-based businesses. Improved accuracy leads to quicker timesheet submissions and shorter invoicing cycles.

AI-powered mobile timesheets can pull in data from calendar, email, browser and other sources to provide reminders and suggestions for inclusion with the associated client.

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