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Sage Intacct intelligent time

Reimagine employee time tracking with AI-powered time tracking, built into Sage Intacct. Get accurate, real-time insights to profitably manage your service business.

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Automated timesheet management software

Time tracking software built into accounting.
Automate tedious time entry for accurate billing.
Give your team their own time assistant.
Recover forgotten billable time to maximize profits.

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Frequently asked questions

Step 1: Sync Your Data Sources

You can sync different data sources that help give the time assistant an understanding of what you worked on during your day. The data sources are your calendar, email, and computer activity. You choose which sources are used.

Step 2: Intelligent Time Privately Processes Your Data

Once you’ve successfully synced your data sources, just work as usual. Time assistant gets to work while you work, processing your activity and proposing entries for your timesheet. The proposed entries include the amount of time spent on the activity and associated dimensions, such as clients and projects.

Step 3: Review and Submit Your Timesheet

Whenever you’re ready to submit your time, simply review the proposed entries to verify they’re correct, allocate any remaining time where dimensions aren’t suggested, and submit. You have the final say as to what you submit, but we make getting there easy, without letting time slip through the cracks.

The professional service industry is constantly faced with challenges of revenue leakage, low utilization, and strained project profit. Accurate and complete time entry is a major contributing factor to these struggles. Sage Intelligent Time is the only AI-powered time entry system built into a full featured ERP solution. Sage Intelligent Time provides each member of your team with an AI-powered time assistant that suggests time entry cards based on that employee’s calendar, email, and other activity. Using machine learning, the Time Assistant gets smarter and continuously improves the speed and accuracy of your teams’ timesheets.

Sage Intelligent Time provides a solution to an age-old problem for service-based businesses. Artificial intelligence and machine learning provide your team with continuous and trusted insights regarding their time. With this insight, your project managers can make better decisions, your project pricing is more accurate, and your invoicing and close processes are faster than ever.

Traditional timesheets: Professionals spend up to 2 hours per week tediously reconstructing their activity for their timesheet.

AI-powered timesheets: With Sage Intelligent Time, a personal assistant gathers all activities for the professional and presents it to them to review. It’s easy for the professional to review—it can be done on their mobile device while waiting in line for coffee. The time assistant gets smarter about suggesting projects with every review, saving the professional more and more time.

Traditional timesheets: It’s unrealistic to manually capture every minute of time, resulting in reduced utilization, billable revenue, and profitability.

AI-powered timesheets: With Sage Intelligent Time, professionals focus on the customer instead of the minutiae of timesheets. Every minute of time is gathered, increasing the professional’s utilization, billable time, and providing a precise picture of project profitability.

Traditional timesheets: Homegrown or third-party time solutions are disconnected, limiting scalability because they require extra reconciliations and cause out-of-sync issues.

AI-powered timesheets: With Sage Intelligent Time, timesheets are always in sync and reconciled with your financials so you can efficiently scale your business.

Traditional timesheets: Weekly, bi-weekly, or late timesheet data delays the close and the necessary insights to manage project profitability and resourcing.

AI-powered timesheets: With Sage Intelligent Time, you get continuous insights, allowing you to close on time, bill on time, and enable project managers to make financially minded decisions about their projects.

The short answer is, “Yes.” Most Professional Service organizations track time even if their billing is fixed fee. Capturing time is required to understand project costing, project profit, utilization, resource planning, and just about everything else the business wants to measure. Accurate time tracking provides:

  • Accurate project costing – With an accurate understanding of your project costs, you can make better decisions about additional unplanned work, for instance, whether to require change orders or provide free service.
  • True project profit – Estimating future work is driven from past work. With accurate time entry, you can bid future work with better insights to protect profit.
  • Utilization – Capturing all billable work helps your employees and leadership team truly understand how much value the team is providing.
  • Resource staffing – Knowing the true time spent on projects helps your leaders know how many resources they need based on projected workloads.

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