Is inefficiency your norm?

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As a leader in your construction firm, you’re expected to stay focused on the big picture and provide direction that will drive your company forward. That’s what your team wants as well. But if you don’t look “under the hood” occasionally to make sure your company’s process engine is running smoothly, you’re not going to get the performance you expect—no matter how great your strategy.

If you’ve ever been astonished at what it takes to get work done, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s often surprising to see how much time employees spend on inefficient processes and activities—some which can be automated. These inefficiencies often are not readily apparent because employees have become accustomed to challenging processes and the tedium, waste, and rework has become the “normal” way of doing business.

Identifying the tell-tale signs of inefficiency is the key. Here are ten top time wasters to watch for and address in your construction company:

  1. Estimators use paper plans for takeoff.
  2. Employees work on projects that don’t make money.
  3. The field team reports hours the old way.
  4. Compliance is tracked by hand.
  5. Accounting staff fills out AIA forms manually.
  6. Payroll administrator struggles with government reporting.
  7. Payroll administrator works overtime to track down invoice approvals.
  8. Accounts receivable clerks key in customer payments.
  9. Service team deals with manual work orders.

Today—with most contractors facing a skilled worker shortage—it makes sense to attack time wasters in your company and do more with current staff. After all, you want to make sure you reserve your hiring for individuals who can fill true skill gaps, not plug in process holes.

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