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Never tried a construction accounting system? Take one for a spin.

There comes a time in every construction company’s lifetime when it’s generic accounting system just doesn’t cut it any longer.  It often happens as a contractor’s business begins to grow and take on more projects. Information and accounting software capabilities that once seemed adequate, suddenly feel like a too tight sweater restricting the company’s every move forward.

The tell-tale signs are common:

Sound familiar?  This is the time many contractors move to accounting software made specifically for the very unique needs of construction companies.

So what exactly does a construction accounting system bring to the table? If you’re currently using a generic accounting system, you can get a good comparison to your current system by trying out the Sage 100 Contractor software test drive.

The test drive gives a great overview of what you can expect, including how you can:

The test drive is super easy to use. To get started, visit our Sage 100 Contractor web page and click on the test drive here.