How Sage cloud-based AP workflow automation solution saves time and increases profits

Discover Sage Intacct Paperless and how it could benefit you and your construction business.

Sage Intacct Paperless Q&A with Walt Davis, Director, Construction Partner and Alliance Strategy

I recently sat down with Walt Davis, Sage’s Director of Construction Partner and Alliance Strategy, to discuss this launch and the benefits it delivers to the industry.

Q: What is Sage Intacct Paperless, and how does it benefit construction businesses?


Sage Intacct Paperless is a cloud-based solution that delivers an easy way to store, retrieve, and route AP documents.

It is an add-on solution that seamlessly integrates with Sage Intacct Construction, the best-in-class native cloud financial management system purpose-built for construction.

It helps construction businesses save time and increase profits by replacing paper-heavy workflows with an intelligent, automated system that imports, indexes, routes, and securely stores documents in one centralized location.

Sage Intacct Construction

Run your construction business with a native cloud accounting solution built for the specific needs of general contractors and real estate developers.

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Q: Could you expand on how Sage Intacct Paperless saves time and improves productivity?


Sage Intacct Paperless saves valuable time by eliminating the traditional paper chase and the time wasted searching for lost or misplaced files.

It provides easier access to company- and project-related documents, improving overall productivity.

With documents readily available, tasks such as invoice approval processes become more efficient, allowing employees to focus on more value-added activities.

Q: How does Sage Intacct Paperless capture and manage documents?


Sage Intacct Paperless offers versatile options for capturing documents, including the ability to capture, upload, or import from any location.

It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and enables users to define document types and indexes, securely storing documents in the cloud.

The system also lets users look up and backfill index values from external databases, ensuring comprehensive document management.

Plus, it also automates document routing, further increasing productivity and efficiency.

Users can establish predefined rules for storing and distributing documents to company employees electronically. They can set return dates, monitor route progress, and review the status of routed content.

Whether routing one or multiple documents, the system facilitates seamless and transparent approval processes.

Why is automatic document management and routing important in construction?


Automatic document management and routing play a crucial role in the construction industry.

With so many moving parts in a construction project, it can be easy for something to slip through the cracks, especially when managing documents manually, which can be time-consuming and error prone.

Traditional paper-based document management systems incur costs related to printing, storing, and retrieving documents.

By transitioning to an automated system, construction companies can reduce these expenses while boosting efficiency, improving collaboration, and enhancing productivity.

Automatic document management systems also aid in compliance by enforcing document retention policies, tracking revisions, and maintaining an audit trail.

What’s an unexpected benefit that can be tied to automated document management?


While automated document management delivers many benefits to a construction business, the benefits really extend to the whole project ecosystem.

Payments are a good example — by automating document management processes, Sage Intacct Paperless makes payments prompt and easier to track.

This not only benefits the construction business by streamlining financial workflows, but it also strengthens relationships with subcontractors.

Prompt payments foster trust and goodwill, crucial for maintaining positive partnerships in the construction industry.

What is the difference between Sage Intacct Paperless and Sage Paperless Construction?


Sage Intacct Paperless is the new cloud-based product that integrates with Sage Intacct Construction.

Sage Paperless Construction is our existing, on-premises version of the product that integrates with Sage 100 Contractor, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, and Sage Intacct Construction.

Sage Intacct Paperless builds on the success of Sage Paperless Construction and extends its benefits to the cloud.

Together, the two solutions deliver Sage Paperless for Construction, offering both on-premises and cloud-based versions of the product.

All versions simplify and automate processes from project start to finish by reducing paper-heavy and manual tasks that drain time and budget.

Sage Intacct Construction

Run your construction business with a native cloud accounting solution built for the specific needs of general contractors and real estate developers.

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Do you have any real-world examples you could share?


Yes. Bruce Evenrud, CFO of A.M. Ortega Construction Inc., saw a significant impact on their operations.

Their profits from time and material jobs have increased by about three to four million dollars annually due to process changes facilitated by the product.

The company was able to reclaim significant square footage after removing filing cabinets that were no longer needed, further illustrating the tangible benefits of adopting a paperless solution.

I highly recommend checking out their story

Where can you purchase Sage Intacct Paperless?


Sage Intacct Paperless can be added on to Sage Intacct Construction, further extending the benefits of the best-in-class native cloud financial management system purpose built for construction.

The solution is available through our strong VAR channel. We have built the largest and most experienced partner network in the industry.

Our partners provide local support that includes training and helping our customers maximize their technology investments.

Final thoughts

Automatic document management and routing are indispensable tools for modern construction firms looking to streamline operations, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and improve collaboration and productivity.

Sage Intacct Paperless helps construction businesses harness the power of automation to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced industry.

Thank you for your time and insights, Walt!

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