Trust. When it comes to construction project collaboration, the two go hand-in-hand. When you have trust, team members are honest and respect each other. And there is a willingness to find common solutions to project issues, despite a difference in opinion. Without trust, true collaboration simply can’t exist.

Building trust can be difficult on construction projects, however, especially with all the players involved in getting a project completed.  Take, for instance, a recent survey of project owners conducted by KPMG International.  The research indicated that only 32% of project owners have a high level of trust in their contractors.

But does trust really make a difference in project performance. Yes, says the Construction Industry Institute, which found statistical support that mutual trust can help reduce project costs.

What are the keys to building trust? Many in the industry will agree that trust is created when you:

  • Involve all parties as early as possible in the construction project.
  • Align everyone under common, clearly defined project goals.
  • Have open, honest communication.

Creating a culture of trust within your company and with your project partners is one way to achieve collaboration. For other ways to get started down the path of collaboration, download our new e-book, “Paving the way to true project collaboration.”

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