Time waster #10: Manual work orders

Published · 1 min read

If you are a service oriented business such as an electrical, plumbing, or HVAC contractor, a manual work order process can mean wasted time both in the office and for technicians in the field. These inefficiencies can also keep you from providing the level of service your customers expect.

Today’s mobile and cloud-based software technology is opening up new ways to get work orders processed more efficiently. Here’s how:

  • One-step work orders. Armed with mobile devices, technicians can submit work requests as well as document work order details from the field. The information is logged automatically into your systems, eliminating the need for service managers, dispatchers, and other office staff to rekey it.
  • Empowered customers. We are a self-service society, from do-it-yourself grocery checkouts to online banking. So why not give your customers the control to look up their own account information, schedule a service call, or pay their bills online. Leading cloud-based service management applications allow you to provide this option to your customers.

Additional time savers

Think of how much time could be saved by getting jobs done on the first call. Unfortunately, too many jobs come to a halt while technicians wait to get needed parts and tools. To address this, give your technicians the ability to create purchase orders (within company guidelines) from the field so they can get the parts to complete the job. And finally, give your technicians mobile access to site history, equipment details, work orders, and other key information so they complete the job more quickly and effectively.  It will also leave a good impression with your customers.

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