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American Cutting Edge depends on Sage to sharpen its business

American Cutting Edge - United States

The Ohio-based industrial knife and razor-blade manufacturer uses Sage to create an “effortless experience” inside their organization and for their customers.
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Deconstructing silos and consolidating three businesses into one

American Cutting Edge recently consolidated from three separate siloed businesses into a single entity. When they merged, it was clear processes and visibility were broken between the once siloed business divisions. The company needed a scalable solution to help reduce the chaos and unite the business with improved efficiencies, processes, and visibility.
Gregory Billhardt

We weren't using fields properly. People just made it up as they went. When everyone does that, you have chaos.

Gregory Billhardt
President and COO

Streamlining data and improving processes with Sage 100cloud

American Cutting Edge chose to implement Sage 100cloud as it consolidated into a single entity, and it paid off. The company saw significant savings in time, resources, and money. Furthermore, the implementation empowered the company to think carefully about its business practices, and to establish processes that work across each division of the organization.
Gregory Billhardt

Between the revenue generation and cost savings, from the fact that we can do more with fewer people, is easily $100,000.

Gregory Billhardt
President and COO

Creating an effortless experience

American Cutting Edge has significantly improved visibility into its day-to-day business by focusing on data integrity and becoming skilled in using Sage 100cloud. It's made the company's processes more effortless, so it can focus on creating a great experience for its customers.

We've really built our whole strategy around how we can make the customer experience more effortless. To do that, we’ve had to look inwards . . . The accessibility of the information in Sage100cloud is phenomenal. Once you understand the table structure and how things work, you can mine out anything. And knowledge is power.

Gregory Billhardt
President and COO

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