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Plexxi finds a business partner in Sage Intacct

The affinity-driven networking solution improves its visibility into financial and operational metrics with Sage software

Finding software to support future growth

Since launch, Plexxi has raised nearly $50 million in venture financing. As the company moved out of its development stage, it was clear that Plexxi’s small finance team would no longer be able to keep up with tasks like purchasing, disbursements, and expense classifications using its previous combination of QuickBooks and cumbersome spreadsheets.

We went looking for a financial management system that could scale with us from zero to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Laurie Riedel
VP, FInance & Administration 

Process improvements driving cost savings

Plexxi has quickly transitioned all of its complex financial workflows to Sage Intacct’s automated processes, eliminating massive amounts of data entry and minimizing the company’s reliance on Excel spreadsheets.

We would have needed an additional full-time person just to keep up with our rapidly growing purchasing volumes if we were still using QuickBooks.

Laurie Riedel
VP, FInance & Administration 

Newfound visibility

Sage Intacct’s reporting and dashboard capabilities help Plexxi’s management monitor the health of the business day-to-day, with real-time transparency around budgets, cash, expenses, and inventory. The dashboards have prompted engaging discussions among the executive team about spending on headcount, inventory, and travel in relation to evolving revenue trends.

With Sage Intacct, we’ve gained a world-class product in an easy-to-use package without the huge expense of a traditional ERP system like Oracle or SAP.

Laurie Riedel
VP, FInance & Administration

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