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Salient Medical Solutions boosts efficiency 200% while delighting customers

Salient Medical Solutions - United States

Salient Medical Solutions automates order processing with Sage 300, supporting brand satisfaction and business growth.

Inefficiencies, errors and outdated manual processes

Though they used Sage 300 already, Salient hadn’t taken advantage of the solution to automate and streamline business processes. The company struggled with labor intensive manual work that hurt efficiency, visibility, employee satisfaction, and customer experiences.

"When I joined, Salient was small and struggling," says Lydia Potter (LP), CFO of Salient Medical Solutions

We used to have a lot of problems with wrong orders and shipments.

Lydia Potter

New partnerships and advanced automation unleash the power of Sage 300

A new CFO and a new Sage Business Partner used the capabilities of Sage 300 to automate order processing, optimize inventory, streamline financials, and strengthen compliance across a best-of-breed environment. With the time savings, Salient can close its book in just 2 days.

"Now we can focus on initiatives that add value to the business," LP says. "We're always improving."


We can grow the business at unlimited scale without adding a lot of staff because we're not doing anything manually other than pick and pack in the warehouse.

Lydia Potter

Salient sees efficiency and customer satisfaction soar

Salient has improved business efficiency 200%, grew revenue by 250%, and eliminated 38 hours a week of manual order processing by fully leveraging Sage 300 and Sage partner solutions. By eliminating manual order processing errors, B2B customer and Salient staff satisfaction grew.

Salient has transformed itself into an agile company that can scale amid rapid growth.


We've become a stronger, healthier company with Sage 300. It’s made us a lot smarter about everything because we can make decisions based on reality, not guesswork.

Lydia Potter