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Tetherow scores a hole in one with Sage Intacct

Streamlined consolidations deliver tremendous time and money savings for multi-entity golf resort after deploying Sage software.

Maintaining visibility as the business grows

The Tetherow Resort in Central Oregon has expanded rapidly over the past decade. The organization operates 20 individual entities that roll up into three wholly owned subsidiaries—a complex business structure which was proving impossible to manage using a combination of Jonas restaurant software, QuickBooks and Excel.

Sage Intacct’s flexible multi-entity and global consolidations capabilities provide significant value.

Tamara Crawford
Chief Financial Officer

New software acts as a range finder

After implementing Sage Intacct, Tetherow’s finance team has immediately automated its tedious consolidations process, shortening it from over a week each month down to less than four hours. In addition, Sage Intacct has made it much easier for the organization to keep an eye on its cash balances across entities.

The efficiency and visibility we’ve gained with Sage Intacct allow us to be a trusted resource and much better business partner.

Tamara Crawford
Chief Financial Officer

Getting the timing just right

With Sage Intacct, Tetherow can now easily monitor and report on the ongoing profitability of business groups and individual projects, i.e. each real estate lot or golf tournament. As a result, managers throughout the business can use real-time, relevant data to drive budget planning and business strategy for their departments.

We love having this big picture view at our fingertips to help forecast the business and make timely decisions.

Tamara Crawford
Chief Financial Officer

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