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Tech is replacing accountants, but their new role is much more valuable

Tech is replacing accountants, but their new role is much more valuable

In 2006, I predicted that accounting as we knew it then would be redundant by the turn of the decade. At the time, technology was starting to advance, and accounting scandals dominated the headlines. Two years later, the world plunged into a financial crisis, and the profession was partly responsible. Market for Lemons One reason […]

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3 questions to help accountants discover their value proposition

3 questions to help accountants discover their value proposition

I was a bit concerned when the bank called to cancel my client’s finance application meeting. What did we do wrong? What did we forget? Turns out – nothing. In fact, our reports and financials were so thorough that the bank cancelled the meeting because it had more information than it needed to grant my […]

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A new purpose for the accounting profession

A new purpose for the accounting profession

The words ‘accounting’ and ‘bookkeeping’ were once used interchangeably. But their respective meanings are drifting apart. As technology rapidly and unblinkingly learns how to perform routine accounting tasks, the traditional accounting value proposition of bookkeeping is being commoditised. Now, accountants, and the businesses they work for, must find a new purpose; instead of ‘balancing the […]

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