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How to deliver better customer service with business management software

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How to deliver better customer service with business management software

Technology can make an important impact in the workplace

Are you making the cardinal business sin of closing a sale and then treating it as work well done?

Closing a deal is not the end of a deal. In fact, it is just the beginning – it’s your window to open a fruitful and long-lasting sales relationship.

Research shows that far too many technology projects suffer because companies make the big mistake of focusing all their energies in meeting various business challenges, while side-lining the customer.

Sure, you need to manage your projects effectively and ensure their positive outcome, but technical skills will only take you so far; companies must create a positive environment of customer service to accelerate results.

Top tips to give your clients the best service, and get better results

Engage your employees

Have you ever seen unhappy employees with happy customers?

Probably not, and the same applies in the context of your customer service team.

As they are the ones dealing with your customers, it is pertinent you involve them in the overall project management process. The more your team feels involved in the overall process, the more likely they are to suggest ideas and provide inputs on making the transition from simply providing customer service to creating a great customer experience.

Engage your employees, and give them flexibility and mobility, and you’ll be amazed at how the experience you offer your customers skyrockets.

Involve all your external stakeholders

The next step to strengthening the company-customer relationship is to involve all your external stakeholders such as your suppliers, consultants and business partners in the overall business management process. After all, they are contributing the resources that you need to succeed. Treat them all as a part of your extended team and see your company grow.

Provide tools and support

Now that you’ve got your employees, suppliers and partners on-board, it is time to utilise their services and provide the necessary tools and support to your customers for their growth. For any technology project to succeed, you need to provide ongoing service and support to your customers. The idea is to open all communication platforms possible and make it easier for your clients to do business with you.

Transform your team into a customer service ninja with the right business management solution

Imagine how well-rounded your customer support approach would be if your client-facing team have the mobility to access customer information and do data entry from anywhere, any time and from any device.

Business management software provides business insights across the whole organisation. It is your integrated service desk software, customer relationship management software as well as sales and financial management software all rolled into one.

With the help of a business management solution you can ensure a seamless flow of communication between your employees, your partners/ suppliers as well as your customers, keeping everyone happy. It will also help in keeping everyone informed about every stage of the project so that they can keep an eye on whether the project is moving as desired and if there are any necessary adjustments to be made along the way.

Even after project completion, the business software solution will assist you and your team – it will provide ongoing support to your customers by highlighting the need for post-installation services, thus giving your project the customer service edge to leapfrog your competition.


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