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Ditch your New Year’s resolution for a vision

Let;s break tradition this year and ditch those New Year’s resolutions before we start! You know you will either break them or forget what they were anyway. In fact US study conducted a few years ago showed that a full 50 % of people abandon their firm resolve, before even making an effort to start! You don’t want to be one of them.

Instead I recommend you create a compelling vision for your year. A vision has a psychological effect. Human beings are goal driven; even subconsciously we tend to move towards a goal, once the goal has been set. Have you ever noticed how once you become interested in a new, you start seeing it everywhere? You start seeing articles and adverts featuring what you want. Your friends on twitter start talking about it. That’s how goal-seeking works.

The good thing about a vision, other than the fact that it is less specific, less and makes you feel less and less likely to failure is that it tends to move you or your organisation in that direction. If you use your vision as a framework or measuring stick for every action that you take, you are more likely to move in that direction.

Here are some tips on how to start creating your vision:

  1. Make time to vision, actually book it in the calendar
  2. Dream big, don’t limit yourself. Whatever you think of, double and it and then double it again.
  3. Make your vision as real and concrete as possible, try to visualise it, taste it and feel it
  4. Create an environment that helps you succeed, do it at the best time and best location for you, so if you are a morning person, get up first thing and start working on it
  5. Be clear about your values and which of them, if any, you are willing to compromise and to what extent. When you align your vision with your values, you will be on purpose, if not it is likely that your vision will be derailed.
  6. Think beyond yourself, how can help your clients, after all that is who your business will be serving, so don’t become to introverted in your thinking.
  7. Know what works for you. Don’t create an e commerce business; if face to face is your thing, you’ll never be happy.
  8. Be clear about the kind of business you want to create.
  9. The importance of a team, don’t do it alone. Who can help you, collaborate with you or who do you need to employ?

So this New Year I suggest that instead of yet another doomed resolution you articulate a vision.

Where do you want your business to be in one year’s time? In five years? What do you want to be, to do, and to have? Write it down. Read it often. Take actions that move you in the direction of your dream whenever opportunities present themselves.