Glossary definition

What is global human resources management?

Global human resource management is the discipline of taking care of workforces in a public or private company, for organisations that operate in more than one country or continent.

It means supporting, managing and engaging employees around the world, deploying common policies but also taking into account local legislation, customs and culture.

While an organisation may use a single brand and deliver similar products and services all over the world, workforces in different operating countries may have very different needs.

Salary benchmarks and typical working hours may be different.

Cultural differences may affect workplace facilities, communication protocols and management frameworks.

In addition, laws in each country may mean a different approach is needed for taxation, employment contracts, statutory benefits or performance management. This can be a complex set of variables to manage under a single employer brand.

The latest global HR cloud software platforms and tools can help organisations plan and manage policies and ensure compliance with local legislation.